London’s business lifestyle – setting up a venture in the capital

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London’s business lifestyle – setting up a venture in the capital – words Alan Watson

It’s unsurprising the UK’s capital is where many businesses choose to set up shop. London is a thriving, bustling city packed full of business opportunities. It offers businesses a true taste of the high-life and can quickly help turn a start-up into a long-term success.

Here, we’ll explore the business lifestyle of London from typically business etiquette, to dress code and how the right office space can make all of the difference.

Understanding London’s Business Etiquette

Each area has its own unique business etiquette, and London is no exception. If you’re looking to start up a business in the UK’s capital, it helps to be aware of the standard etiquette rules.

First and foremost, London businesses tend to work at a professional and formal level. When greeting clients or customers, business executives will typically use last names, rather than first names. This is of course, unless they are directed otherwise. They’re also always on time. Punctuality is expected and any delays should be reported as early as possible.

A handshake is also the most common way to greet clients, and in terms of dress code – smart is the way to go. One of the most common things you’ll notice about London executives, is that they do dress to impress, even in casual situations. Of course, this will differ somewhat depending upon the industry, but as a general rule, suits, ties and a polished appearance are expected.

Why location matters

One of the most crucial factors that contributes towards the success of a London-based business is its location. It’s a big city and each different area boasts a unique culture and identity. This means, in order to thrive, your business needs to set up in an area which fits both your brand and your target market.

It’s notoriously expensive to buy property in London. Therefore, when budget is low it can help to rent out office space rather than buy. You can rent serviced offices in sought-after areas at a low, affordable cost.

When choosing the right location, consider its proximity to public transport links and who is likely to need to come to your business premises. Assess the competition and crime in the area. You need to do as much research into your chosen location as possible to ensure its right for you.

Businesses that succeed in the Capital, are ones which have taken the time to ensure they are situated in the best possible location to fit their needs.

Business drive

Recently, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has introduced a new Business Advisory Board, with 10 out of the 16 places being filled by successful business women. The aim is to help to boost London’s economy in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

There’s been a lot of uncertainty in the capital, but despite this, London executives are still driven to succeed. There is a massive talent pool in the capital, along with plenty of investment opportunities to take advantage of.

Overall, London is a fantastic place to set up business. However, it is useful to understand everything there is to know about local etiquette, location and the potential opportunities available. Having a good understanding of these things really helps to increase your chances of success.

London’s business lifestyle – setting up a venture in the capital – words Alan Watson


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