Can Adults Wear Braces? Let’s Dispel Some of the Common Myths

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The purpose of braces is to help straighten our teeth. For most people, braces conjure up images of metal contraptions strapped to a teenager’s teeth. Since this is generally the only kind of image that people have of braces, they usually think that braces are exclusively for teenagers and nobody else.

However, that’s far from the truth.

In reality, braces can be worn by anyone regardless of their age. There are often some myths that stop adults from considering braces, but why should we be deprived of straightening our teeth when we’re older? In this post, we’re going to dispel some of the most common myths regarding braces.

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“Braces don’t work once you get older.”

There’s nothing that says braces don’t work when you get older. Braces are designed to pressure your teeth from one side to another, causing the bone to partially dissolve which allows the teeth to move. New bone then builds up in the space caused, solidifying the root and keeping the tooth in its new position. There are advantages to this while the jaw is still growing, but even in older patients, there are ways to correct teeth so that they appear straight.

In short, don’t let age be a factor in considering braces. If you’re interested in straightening your teeth, then there are options available including braces.

“Braces have to be metal and they’ll look ugly on my teeth.”

People aren’t wrong when they say that metal braces look a bit unsightly (though some people do find them charming!) but that doesn’t mean you need to get metal braces. Dental advancements have reached a point where we can now get clear braces that don’t look unsightly on our teeth and can actually be removed when needed. This means we can easily clean our teeth and it also makes it less of a hassle when we need to eat.

So if you’re concerned about braces being made of metal, don’t be! There are loads of different options for braces these days and you’re bound to have plenty of choices when you speak to your dentist.

“Braces won’t help the condition of my teeth.”

There are many reasons to get braces, but it’s true that straightening your teeth won’t help if you aren’t looking after your teeth. However, most people that consider teeth straightening are usually interested in taking proper care of their teeth and not just for the cosmetic benefits. As such, when you consider teeth straightening, your dentist will usually suggest a few check-ups and appointments to clean your teeth and ensure they’re in good condition before they help you with braces.

So if you’re interested in improving the appearance of your teeth, braces can be a great option. However, before your dentist will install them onto your teeth or give you clear braces, you will be required to take better care of your teeth first. This will help you improve the health of your teeth and not just their appearance.


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