Cannabis Seeds: superfood for body and mind

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CBD cannabis, CBD oil, cannabis seeds, etc., these are the trendiest products of our time. You can now easily buy feminized seeds online and collect the most unique varieties and cannabis strains with some of the best and most reliable companies such as SensorySeeds.

But cannabis seeds are also “superfoods”. Cannabis seeds are rich in numerous nutrients and vital substances that protect against diseases and slow down the ageing process in the body.

Cannabis Seeds health

Cannabis seeds: a source of wellness

The ancient Egyptians and Chinese knew about the valuable ingredients of the cannabis seeds.

The small cannabis seeds grow from the hemp plant and are little nuts with a diameter of approx. 3 mm. These contain all the essential amino acids and vitamins and, thanks to their protein content, are real powerhouses.

If you think of the intoxicating effects of THC as the first thing about hemp seeds, you don’t need to worry: hemp/cannabis seeds come from plants from which the intoxicant tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been almost wholly bred. So, you don’t get high from hemp seeds and hemp oil.

Miracle cure with cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds have many positive effects on health. For example, they strengthen the immune system, promote the elimination of toxins and support healing processes in the body.

Because they provide essential amino acids, they trigger the building and repair of cells and reduce the susceptibility to diseases. Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids strengthen heart health, promote digestion, provide energy, strengthen immune activity and are suitable for the brain.

The fatty acids also have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus promote healing processes for asthma, eczema and allergies. They make it easier to burn fat, have a positive impact on cholesterol levels and ensure beautiful skin and hair. Vitamin E and zinc have an antioxidant effect and protect against the harmful effects of free radicals. In order to acquire the miracle benefits from cannabis seeds, you should look for well-known seed banks around your area for the quality ones. As the pandemic is still outside, you can also order your seeds from dispensaries on the internet and get them shipped to your location.

Cannabis seeds for muscle regeneration

Hemp seeds are, among other things, rich in B vitamins, especially in vitamin B2 (riboflavin), which among other things, supports muscle building. B vitamins are usually found in meat and milk products, but there is an even higher concentration in cannabis seeds than in animal products.

It also makes the seeds essential food for vegans. After a strenuous workout, the vitamin E and the minerals of the cannabis seeds help to balance the pH of the often acidified body.

The essential fats support the regeneration and the healing process of the muscles. Cannabis seeds also contain various nutrients that support the function and formation of testosterone, which in turn promotes muscle growth and activity.

Cannabis seeds provide energy.

The consumption of hemp seeds provides more energy, increases productivity and ability to concentrate. The seeds contain special fats that promote brain performance.

Their proteins also stimulate cell activity. This combination makes hemp seeds a good substitute for coffee, sugar, chocolate, etc. They boost metabolism, thus eliminating symptoms of fatigue, improving productivity and dealing with stress.

Consuming cannabis seeds

You can buy hemp seeds in various supermarkets and organic shops. They are available purely as seeds or as oil, milk, flour or protein powder.

Cannabis seeds taste nutty and are reminiscent of sunflower seeds. They can either be enjoyed as a snack or added to meals. They taste delicious in muesli, yoghurt and on salads as well as in soups and smoothies.

The seeds are also available as cold-pressed and unrefined oil, which you can use to make sauces, dips, salad dressings and spreads. Also, you can use as a replacement for olive oil.

When consuming cannabis seeds, you should start with a small amount of one tablespoon per day or ½ tablespoon of hemp oil. If necessary, you can increase this amount slowly.

Lose weight with cannabis seeds

When used correctly, cannabis can help you lose weight effectively. Besides, hemp can help you balance the right diet. In the following, you will learn how to incorporate cannabis products into the food properly.

Lose weight instead of cravings

We often hear: “Cannabis consumption makes you hungry? So, how can I lose weight with cannabis? “

This statement is correct. Because if you consume THC-containing hemp, you may get hungry. Some even suffer from cravings. In contrast, we only devote ourselves to 100% legal and low-THC hemp varieties. These rule out such an effect. The effects of products made from cannabis/hemp are usually the opposite.

Foods, which usually made from the seeds of the plant, are particularly suitable as a support for losing weight. Besides, the legal products made from cannabis flowers: CBD cannabis, can help you lose weight.

  • The following cannabis component helps you lose weight:
  • Cannabinoids contained in cannabis such as tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidiol (CBD) are primarily responsible for a positive effect when losing weight.
  • Proteins: The low carbohydrate content and the high proportion of high-quality protein make hemp seeds a great help in losing weight.
  • Valuable vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals as cannabis seeds are particularly rich in valuable nutrients. The seeds are so rich in vital substances that the body is well looked after even on a diet.
  • Dietary fibre: The high content of soluble and insoluble fibre in cannabis seeds helps digestion and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

How do I lose weight with cannabis seeds?

In general, it can be said that everyone has a different metabolism. That is why no recipe fits everyone perfectly. Basically, the combination of cannabis products paired with regular endurance sports in moderate intensity is the most effective.

In the daily kitchen, you can replace regular flour with up to 30% by hemp protein. Thus, the calorie content of the food drops significantly and the proportion of protein and fibre increase, and it ensures a faster feeling of satiety.

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