The Advantages of Using a Custom-Made Bed Over a Pre-Made One

words Al Woods

Are you losing sleep over finding the right bed? Are you having a hard time deciding whether to choose a custom bed or a pre-made one? If yes, then it’s time to give you some solid reasons for going custom.

After all, there’s no reason to gamble with a readymade bed which may or may not stand up to your expectations when you can spend a little more on a custom-made bed that’s designed with your needs in mind.

With that, let’s take you through the many benefits of custom beds.

Custom Made Bed

#1 100% tailored to your needs

Want to add storage to your bed? Done. Want to mix and match different materials? Sure. Have a unique design in mind? Great! Found bed heads online that you’d like to integrate into the design? Go right ahead! That’s the beauty and one of the biggest perks of custom beds — you can personalise it in every way you want.

#2 Optimised to utilise the available space

If your bedroom is shaped irregularly or isn’t spacious, a custom bed is probably the only reasonable solution for you. Because pre-made beds come in standard sizes, it can be hard — if not impossible — to get exactly what you’re looking for. Even in the best case scenario, it might take up a ton of your time and effort to find one that fits your space perfectly. You can save all that hassle and just get a bed custom made to your specifications.

#3 Value for your money

Yes, a custom-made bed may cost you more, but the advantages it brings far outweigh the cost. In fact, the value you get from custom beds is incomparable. You get to pick everything — the material, the designs, the add-ons, and other customisations. So, you know exactly what you’re paying for a high quality bed.  

Custom-Made Bed

#4 Better for your health and posture

If you’re someone with body pain, backaches or any other posture-related dysfunctions, custom bed is a great investment because it’s designed with your specific health needs in mind. With the optimum support a custom bed provides, you’ll wake up well-rested and refreshed, instead of feeling tired and groggy.

#5 Reflects your style

Looking for a simple contemporary design with clean lines? Or want to go with something more classic? Wish to add a touch of metal to your bed to match your industrial style décor? Or, want to incorporate a lush, upholstered bedhead to create a cosy, comfy vibe? With custom beds, you can let your imagination run wild and show off your personal style.

#6 Guarantees a good night’s sleep

Everyone sleeps differently. This is one of the reasons why mass-produced beds can never match up to the level of comfort and relaxation that a custom bed can offer. With custom-made bed, you’re guaranteed deep, restful sleep night after night.

Bottom Line

A bed that is tailored with your physical and practical needs in mind can make a world of difference to the functionality and aesthetics of your bedroom as well as your health. No wonder, it’s worth your investment.


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