4 Ways To Channel Your Interests Through Your Clothes 

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“Clothes don’t make a man.” Yes, but clothes can still be a great storyteller about your identity. Actually, there is a presence of a close connection between our wardrobe and our personality. As we dictate our own style, it often becomes an outward reflection of our inward being.

We pass through the discovery of ourselves in the colorful world of clothes. In this world, we learn to speak about who we are in the language of garments. Your clothes have the power to capture your own interests. In this way, your outfit will be as a tour guide to your own world. You will be able to communicate to others about who you are and what you like through your clothes. Check out the four ways to channel your interests and add some new colors to your world of clothes! 

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I Choose… 

When choosing your outfit, you actually choose a strategic reminder for yourself as well; on who you are and what you love. That’s why adding symbolism and motives to your clothes can highlight your interests. Enjoy your clothes as an artist that has to paint a self-portrait. Spread the art of your imagination and creativity.  

1. The Color Of Your Interest  

Colors can convey so much about your interest. Their symbolism is powerful. They are associated with emotions as well. They can say a lot about your uniqueness in the world of sameness. Your interests in science, art, music, politics, business, games, technology, nature- for all these colors are great messengers. By them, we create a better interpretation of our emotions, tendencies, and even thoughts. Besides their prominent role in clothing and revealing our interests, there are so many uncovered meanings behind them. They are an ever-fascinating and ever-expanding miracle that has an enormous impact on us. 

2.  Your Favorite Slogan  

Slogans are another fantastic means to direct our interests through our dressing. In fact, having your favorite slogan printed on your shirt, T-shirt or sweatshirt, can convey really meaningful and interesting facts about yourself. Companies nowadays do their best to create catchy slogans that will match your interest. Your wishes can easily become true, or better to say, become a printed and loveable part of your daily outfit combinations.  

It makes you creative, innovative, and authentic. You can choose your favorite life motto, your favorite movie or book quote, some specific phrase for your job, some specific phrase from your memories, or even some funny jokes to bring some laughter into the room and reveal that you’re interested in humor.  

3. Guess My Favorite Pet

Do you want to share your immense love for pets with the outside world? Why not! Adorn your clothes with pictures of your favorite pet. This will spread your love for them and, at the same time, remind you of these lovely creatures. Pick some interesting, unusual part of your clothing that usually goes unnoticed. If you have no ideas, put on those custom pet socks and become fabulous. This will be a detail that will simply make your look sparkle! You can combine them with your favorite shoes or trainers, choose the colors you want, and of course, your favorite pet or pets. The world will enjoy another pet lover in the crowd. 

4. The Magic Of Costumes

The next extraordinary way to let your clothes speak about your interests is using costumes. No, they do not have to wait only for special occasions like Halloween or costume ball. If you are a passionate book reader and deeply connect with their characters, why not revive their styles and personify their stories through your outfit. You can bring the touch of the past, by reviving their middle-aged style or even spread the magic of fantasies and fairy tales. Not only for books, but you can also do the same for your favorite movies as well. However, this imitation is done from time to time, serving to reveal your interests and love for certain books, movies, and their characters. Remember that you have your own story to write and that you are a hero of it, so make yourself a unique costume every day that will reveal some little secrets behind your character.

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When you cannot decide on what to wear, choose uniqueness! By channeling your interests through powerful means of clothes, you become a unique individual and that is the best outfit you will ever choose.  The psychology behind clothes is worth exploring and its power should not be underestimated. You choose who you are, you dictate your style, colors, patterns, prints, and make your clothes a mirror of a small precious part you keep within yourself.


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