Chimps leave Christmas surprise after breaking into this shop

Chimps leave Christmas surprise after breaking into this shop – words Alan Woods

With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to turn our thoughts to those 12 days of Christmas.

Traditionally of course it’s birds that populate that most well-known of Christmas songs but this year they’ve been usurped by creatures of a very different nature.

This tale starts in a moonlight high street in anytown UK. We see a manager closing up his shop and walking off into the night. Then we catch a fleeting glimpse, a shape in the darkness darting towards the shop and it’s definitely not a partridge. As our eyes adjust, to our surprise, we see a chimpanzee and he’s here with his friends. They are working as a gang and they’re breaking into the shop.

This is the 2016 advert for Oddbins and this year the chimps are the stars, 12 of them in all, named after attributes given to Oddbins by their customers. Notorious Chimp is my own personal favourite as he sounds like a 90s hip hop star. In the past Oddbins have had many animals helping them get their message out at Christmas including bears, penguins and foxes but none of them quite as cheeky as these chimps. The next day our unassuming manager gets a real Christmas surprise when he opens his shop and wait and see what one of the chimps throws in his face.

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Chimps leave Christmas surprise after breaking into this shop – words Alan Woods



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