Comedian Nick Helm faces up to that early morning feeling

Comedian Nick Helm faces up to that early morning feeling  – words Alan Woods

Nick Helm is a comedian in much demand. He’s a well-known stand up as well as the star of BBC Three’s Uncle.

He knows the life of the comic on the road. A different hotel room each night and a strange existence of catching food where you can in unfamiliar scenarios. It’s like being a tourist or like a band on the road minus the comradery.

So, let’s just say that Nick is not a morning person. He probably rolls out of bed at very different times each day but the crack of dawn is not one of them. So, strange but maybe fitting then that Nick has been chosen to head the new campaign for Arla the farmer-owner dairy company. They have launched this Eat Monday for Breakfast campaign to inspire the nation to face Monday head on. They want to encourage people to enjoy the natural goodness of dairy in the right frame of mind.

The campaign features a series of films. They are all good but we particularly like the one that sees Nick staying at the home of a dairy farmer. This is a long way from Nick Helm live at the Apollo. He gets more than he bargained for when he discovers his accommodation is in a caravan in a nearby field. The dairy farmer herself knocks him up and Nick looks bleary eyed. I don’t think he has seen this time of day before. Nick then is invited to milk a cow for the first time. He hasn’t got the knack though quite right and his host looks a bit disappointed at his progress.

The other two episodes see Nick accompany a fishmonger on a dawn visit to Billingsgate fish market. The other film has Nick training to be a stuntman again bleary eyed up at the crack of dawn. I’m sure Nick himself enjoyed some much-needed lie-ins after working on this campaign.

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Comedian Nick Helm faces up to that early morning feeling  – words Alan Woods


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