12 cool gifts to buy astrology fans

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astrology fans

Finding the right gifts for friends and loved ones can be a real joy, especially if you know them very well. It’s an opportunity to think back to the many special moments you’ve shared together and how to commemorate them with the perfect present.

It’s also a great way to get to know them better. Sure, you know they are fascinated with astrology and love to spend their nights stargazing, but by digging deeper into their hobbies and interests in search for a great gift, you will come to understand more about their passion.

One way to do so is to directly ask them, but let’s be honest, it won’t be a surprise anymore. Another way to find out what your friend might like, especially if they are obsessed with Astrology, is by checking out Zodiac Story’s horoscope signs, which will give you a better understanding. You can also pay attention to the hints they may give during your daily conversations.

If you’re looking for a cool gift to buy your astrology-obsessed friend, look no further – here are twelve gift ideas that will make the receiver thank their lucky stars for having found a friend as attentive as you.

Zodiac Bar Soap

Combine your friend’s love for beautifully scented soap bars with their passion for astrology, and you’ve got yourself a winning gift. Packaged in a luxurious design by Danielle Kroll, each bar pays homage to a different zodiac sign.

Each bar features a different scent – jasmine, sandalwood, rose, etc. – known to stimulate the respective zodiac sign.

Don’t be afraid to go all out here and purchase the entire zodiac bar soap constellation: they are so pretty, they’ll become an eye-catching feature in your friend’s bathroom.

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Graphic Zodiac Flag Tapestry

We all have that one friend who loves decorating their living room with unique tapestries and a touch of bohemia. If that friend also happens to love astrology, stop your gift-search right now: Urban Outfitters’ range of graphic zodiac flag tapestries will perfect their décor.

This celestial-inspired cotton flag measures 20 x 16 inches and is ideal for dorm-rooms or smaller apartment spaces with limited wall space. This cute little tapestry flag is guaranteed to inspire the receiver on the daily.

Moon Phase Prayer Candle

For that one friend who howls at the full moon and plans special, reviving rituals during the new moon, you can’t go wrong with gifting them this vanilla noir scented candle from Earthbound Trading.

It comes in a tall glass featuring a realistic design of the moon phases and can be used to intensify moon-based rituals and prayers or as a beautiful decorative feature for the bedside table.

Personalized Star Map

This unique gift is a great choice for starry-eyed lovers on Valentine’s Day, as well as BFFs who want to pay tribute to the stars that aligned perfectly the day they first met: a personalised star map from Maps For Moments!

Using the site’s star map builder, you can create an accurate image of the exact constellations and stars on any particular day based on the date and location you enter. Choose whichever framing option will best complement your map and the receivers’ decorative taste.

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Dark Sky Wales Stargazing Experience

One of the best things to gift a loved one is an experience – a day or night to remember. Bring a twinkle to your friend’s or lover’s eyes by surprising them with a stargazing experience for two at the Brecon Beacons Observatory in Wales.

You will be provided with portable telescopes and will be guided by the Dark Sky Wales team of astronomers who will guide you every step of the way and will help you locate various celestial objects.

Astrological Planner 2020

The new year has only just kicked off properly, so it’s not too late to present the biggest astrology fan in your life with this wonderfully designed astrological planner from The Enlightened Apothecary.

Featuring designated pages for monthly goals and intentions, an optimum times life guide, a full monthly astrology calendar and Aspectarian, the moon phases, planetary movements and retrogrades visual guides, this planner is guaranteed to be a hit.

Stargazer Pin

Looking for the perfect present for that one friend who takes great pride in their stargazing activities and astrological knowledge? Then crown them king or queen of the skies with this cute statement pin from Hartiful.

This pin will look great on any jacket, tote or backpack and will inspire the receiver to keep on looking to the stars!

Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

Present the astrology enthusiast in your life with a book from www.freeastrology123.com that will allow them to deepen their knowledge and practices.

Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul, is ideal for beginners as well as intermediates and has a special focus on the North Node of the Moon – a position that doesn’t get much attention in most modern astrological writings.

It teaches us how to find the North Node of the Moon in our astrological chart and identify our strengths and weaknesses: our special talents, self-defeating tendencies, healing affirmations, etc.

Personalized Zodiac Constellation Locket Necklace

Give your friend or lover the opportunity to wear their own twinkling zodiac constellation on this gold or silver plated locket from Not On the Highstreet.

You can choose to have a personal message or date engraved on the back of the locket for extra meaning. The locket fits two small photos as well, so the wearer can always keep their loved ones close to their heart.

Astrological Oracle Tarot Deck

If you’re looking to combine your friend’s two greatest loves – tarot and astrology – why not get them this Art Nouveau-style Astrological Oracle designed by Lunaea Weatherstone?

This tarot deck is focused on the dynamic energies of the signs and the planets and will allow the astrology buff in your life to find daily guidance from the stars.

Zodiac Card Set

Do you know more than one aspiring astrologer? Then stock up for future occasions with this 12-pack zodiac card set from Printer Johnson. Each card features a colourful design of the respective zodiac on quality card paper.

These cards can be gifted any time of the year – sometimes a handwritten personal message packaged in an eye-catching card can be better than the biggest most expensive present.

Moon Over the Sea Necklace

This necklace is the perfect statement piece for the friend who celebrates all phases of the moon and loves nothing more than to watch it illuminate the sparkling sea.

Intricately designed with a Mother of Pearl moon surrounded by twinkling stars and moonlit waves, this necklace will inform your friend’s nature-based spirituality.


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