Guide to Finding a Dual Extruder 3D Printer for Your Projects

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A dual extruder 3D printer involves a printing process using multiple filaments. The extruder is the key to turning the spools of filament into the final printing project. You may need to use a dual extruder 3D printer when you want to enhance your overall printing process or pave the way for multi-color printing.

If you also want a high-quality final print object or if you want to use different types of filament material, then you need a dual extruder 3D printer. Read on to know more about the things you need to consider in finding a dual extruder 3D printer.

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Dual extruder 3D printers don’t entail the need for you to swap out filaments to complete your printing job. This makes it appear that it is faster to print using a dual extruder 3D printer. However, you need to consider that printing using a dual extruder is comparatively slower compared to a single extruder because the two nozzles share a single head. Nevertheless, the best dual extruder 3D printer is one that has the capability to offer an optimum speed of printing. Thereby, choose a dual extruder 3D printer model with the maximum speed capacity especially if you need to accomplish a notable quantity of printing projects within a short period of time.


3D printing is about having the ability to create geometrically complex items or models. This is where a dual extruder 3D printer comes into play because, with it, you have the capability to use different types of filament materials. If you need to use a variety of materials for printing, then choose a dual extruder 3D printer that will be able to handle thick pastes as well as plastics such as dough, ceramics, or even chocolate.


A dual extruder 3D printer is fun when it comes to the colors that you can use. While it is true that you can only set up two filaments at a time, you can already prepare other filaments beforehand, such that you can switch colors at any time. Thus, in choosing a dual extruder 3D printer, you may also need to consider those with nozzles in varying sizes, which will allow you not only to play with the colors of your print job but also on the amount of color that you need to use. Keep in mind that not all models have varying nozzle sizes.

Dual Extruder 3D Printer

To wrap things up, consider the speed of printing, as well as the materials and colors you want to use to find the perfect dual extruder 3D printer for you. A dual extruder 3D printer is slower compared to a single extruder 3D printer, but you can use multiple filaments and different colors for your print projects. Additionally, think about why you need a dual extruder 3D printer because this will become your basis in choosing the perfect model for you. But overall, the creative print projects you can make with a dual extruder 3D printer can greatly outweigh your need for speed. 


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