Every Reason You Need to Go Abroad

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If you were handed an unlimited amount of money, what would you do with it? Aside from the obvious things such as buying a house and paying off some money to charity or covering some debts, travel would obviously be at the top of that list. Traveling the world is something that everybody wants to do, but nope but he really gets to because of the constraint of money. Traveling is not the most expensive thing out there, especially if you don’t care how you travel away you sleep. 

However, if you want to have certain experiences while you travel you need to have the money behind it. This could mean giving up business class in favor of Dubai food tours, or choosing to sleep in a five star hotel rather than sleep in a hostel in Slovakia. Here are some of the reasons that you need to go abroad at least once in life even if it’s not quite traveling the whole world.

Go Abroad

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  • It can be affordable with the right planning. It’s not just a pastime that’s designed for the rich, you know. The market is packed with really convenient tickets and travel packages that allow you to go to new places without breaking the bank. You could couch surf, hitchhike, or travel by train rather than plane. You could even Roadtrip your way halfway around the world if you know where to hire the right cars. There are opportunities out there and you only need to grab onto them.
  • You can learn without trying. Traveling is an immersive experience, so even though you wouldn’t be able to memorize dry facts from a book about cathedrals or famous museums, you may be able to retain those facts and get them stuck into your memory when you are learning on the spot. It’s so much easier to learn when you can make those correct connections to your own experience and that’s exactly what traveling does.
  • You get to interact with other people. We get stuck in a rut of the same family members, the same communities, the same work people – all of these familiar faces are a wonderful network, but what else is out there? Who else is out there? What can they do with their lives that are different to you? There are cultures and religions and nationalities out there that you may never have experienced or come into contact with before. It’s great to travel to a new country and know somebody that you can visit because you’ve made the effort to make a friend.
  • You could develop your language skills. Do you know a second language? The best method out there to learn a new language or to speak it in a most authentic way is to live among native speakers and use the language regularly. Like anything else, languages use it or lose it and there is no point in studying language for years if you don’t plan to use it in real life. Traveling abroad gives you a chance to develop your understanding and really help.
  • You get the chance to discover new environments. It’s a culture shock initially when you move or you spend a lot of time in the new country, but once you’ve got used to it you can switch to the local rules no matter where you are. The culture shock becomes a thing of the past, and the matter how simple it could be when you go back to your homeland, you know longer have to try and acclimatize to someone new again.
  • You may be more daring. When you travel, you might try things you would never have considered trying before. You may bungee jump or skydive, you may go down to Vineyard and test out new wines, you might even decide to live like a local and get a job in a local area. The opportunities for adventure are pretty endless when you are traveling, and you might find that you are more courageous in a new place compared to being at home. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
  • You grow as a person. When you live like a local, or you go and see the corners of the world, you change. Traveling is transformative and you are going to change your life with some people experiencing a pull to continue to travel. See what the world has to offer and how big is it really going to change your perspective and this change is going to be something you never forget.


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