Financial Markets in the Data and Information Age

words Alexa Wang

Information is power, and there is nowhere more obvious of this than in the global financial markets. The more you know about the markets that you invest and trade in, the better the chances of your success. The fact that we now live in the data and information age has significantly impacted how international financial markets work and how we can access these and engage with them.

This article looks at some of the most notable changes that are occurring in the finance and investment space, showing how the information and data that we have at our fingertips have changed how finance and economics work.

Financial Markets Data

The Data and Information Age

Whether it is in the gathering of personal information and big digital data, or the detailed competitor research that is possible on the internet and in the cloud, information is still king. We live in a time where the ability to gather and then use large amounts of historical data is possible to drive business and financial decision-making. We are firmly in the data and information age and there is an ongoing increase in the importance and, therefore, value of said data and information. Rather than facing a decline, there has, instead, been a resurgence of the importance of big data and the significance and protection of this data as a valuable asset.

The ability to extract useable business and financial knowledge from big data and the ability of entrepreneurs to create digital value has changed how finance is theorized and works.

The Changes to Financial Markets

  • One of the biggest changes is the wholesale movement of financial markets and trading into the online space. Anyone with access to the internet and sufficient bandwidth and available funds is now able to trade and interact in the global online financial markets. It doesn’t matter where you are; the internet means that there is always an open financial market and trading.
  • Cryptocurrencies and NFTs – systems based on blockchain technology have become some of the safest and most anonymous means of financial trading. The nft marketplace at OKX is a great example of the type of tokens that are available for sale and the costs of these. Just as Bitcoin took over the international financial stage, the expectation is that NFTs will do the same in the time to come.
  • Less centralized bank or country controls. The online finance space that is dominated by crypto and NFTs is no longer subject to specific and overly controlling central bank controls or country controls. Large sums of money can be moved, invested, and traded online and through new and innovative structures, such as crypto and NFTs.
  • More potential investors than ever before can engage in online financial trading based on the levels of information and data available. The world wide web and the plethora of financial-based data and information that is available, detailing all the options available to invest in and the exact calculations of expected returns is one of the biggest drivers of people to invest. The argument has been that the internet and the new forms of investment have democratized the entire financial investment sector.
  • Big historical data means that, if you can analyze such volumes, you will be able to plot a more secure business future. Trends and customer demands are some of the most important aspects of knowledge and data that are now available online, and those without the knowledge or the wherewithal to use big data will be left behind.

Tips to Use to Make the Most of These Changes

Be informed. There can be no financial trading and investment without some thorough and precise data gathering and research. The fact that the data now exists and most of the required information that you will need is freely available online, leaves no excuses for not being sure as to why and where you invest.

Be selective. Once you know what you’re interested in investing in and why, then you need to look for just this and ensure that you don’t settle for investments that may see you lose interest or worse still money. Don’t over-diversify, but instead look to gain a secure foothold and understanding of an investment option or sector and stick to it, before you look for other options.

Flexibility and speed of action. In an age when so many have so much access to information and are, therefore, able to compete against each other on the open or online market, it is of vital importance to act quickly and to act decisively. Knowing when it is time to buy or sell the investment is the critical moment and there should be no delays and no emotions when making the final investment decisions.

Concluding Comments

The age that we are living in has determined, to a large extent, the changes that have been experienced in the global financial markets. Ease of access for all, blockchain, and the decentralization of global currencies has been at the core of these changes and is argued herein to also be the foundation of the new and improved financial and economic systems of our time. NFTs and cryptocurrencies are just the beginning and there is likely to be a series of developments in these spaces to improve cyber security and coding, and to make the NFT market simpler to understand and engage with. The internet and modern technology have turned so many possibilities into reality and long may this continue.


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