Popular Places for your First Deep Blue Sea Diving

words Al Woods

Sea Diving

Deep blue sea diving allows you the opportunity to see the world beyond snorkeling. The gorgeous aquatic life along with coral reefs, caverns, caves and different kinds of fish will surely take your breath away.

For first timers, these ocean mysteries bring about a lot of excitement and the first few moments under water could either cause a mixture of anxiety and ecstasy. But, choosing the best place to do your first deep blue sea diving is no mean feat. Luckily, you have this article to help you with that. Below are some of the many popular places for your first deep blue sea diving. 

Gozo Island

Gozo is part of Maltese archipelago. With a population of more than 30,000, Gozo is not only known for having the world’s oldest religious structures. The island’s beauty is attributed to its orange-red sands that will definitely fascinate those who love diving and snorkeling. Families and friends who have experienced Gozo holidays with choice find themselves planning to visit the island again for their next vacation. This comes as no surprise since the island has plenty to offer to its visitors and tourists. Whether you visit the island to satisfy your fascination for history, adventure or just want to spend your first deep blue sea diving experience, Gozo has it all. 

Sea Diving

Gili Islands

The Gili Islands is Indonesia’s most popular area for scuba diving. Dubbed as the “Turtle Capital of the World”, the island is an ideal place not just for experienced divers but for beginners as well. Thanks to its year round perfect water temperatures that is about 82.4 Fahrenheit. Another great thing about Gili Islands is the fact that all the dive centers offer a fixed price for everything, except for the purchase of equipment. This would mean that whichever Gili Island you choose for your first deep blue sea diving, you will be paying the same price. There are many dive operators in the island that also provide guided recreational fun dives on a daily basis and are scheduled in the morning, late morning and in the afternoon. If you opt for night dives, it would only be available upon  request. 


This is an island located in Sabah, Malaysia which is known to be one of the best dive sites all over the world. Every avid diver would find the place teeming with so much life as bright fish, spiraling barracudas, turtles, schooling reef sharks, dolphins and precious corals fill the underwater world. You will need to have  a permit to be able to dive around the island. The place is also strictly guarded by armed policemen so you can be assured of safety. You may opt to stay in the nearby islands of Kapalai and Mabul so that it will be more accessible for you to go diving everyday.

Every underwater adventure is an unforgettable experience. But, in addition to planning your destination for your first dive, you have to make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared. Your brain and your muscles must undergo proper conditioning first. This way, you won’t encounter physical issues otherwise your stay in a diving site would not be as enjoyable as you expected it to be. 


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