How to give your bathroom a more positive vibe

words Alexa Wang

How much more would you enjoy waking up in the morning if you could get ready for the day in a bathroom that has positive vibes? It’s no fun when you’re cramped up in a dingy bathroom with poor lighting and outdated fixtures.

Creating a positive vibe in your bathroom doesn’t need to take a lot of time or investment. But if you have some excess cash, you can really have some fun.

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

1. Install a Walk-In Waterfall Shower

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like you’re showering at the spa every time you step into your own shower? A walk-in waterfall shower will give you that exact feeling.

This might be the perfect time to replace that dirty old tub or stand up shower with your dream walk-in. Consider having a bench installed so you can sit and enjoy a hot steam as well.

2. Invest in a New Sink and Toilet

Many bathrooms still have fixtures that look like they are straight out of the movie “Sixteen Candles.” If that’s you, it’s time to upgrade to a more modern look and feel.

Typically, for well less than $1,000 you can pick out the perfect new sink and toilet for your bathroom and get them installed by a professional in one afternoon.

Make your bathroom vibe with your exact style. All of a sudden you’ll look forward to simple activities like brushing your teeth.

3. What About that Flooring?

Imagine what that existing flooring has been through since it was first installed. Think of the germs and mildew that could be festering underneath it.

Yuck. You can’t have positive vibes in your bathroom with old, outdated and stained flooring.

Today’s bathroom flooring options are almost limitless.

The best part is, many flooring materials can be installed by simply snapping the individual pieces together. As such, this is a job you can easily do yourself.

4. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Even if you upgrade all of the above, you may still be lacking in the positive bathroom vibes you’re looking for. So what’s still missing?

The answer is upgraded lighting. Lighting companies like Clearlight Designs sell gorgeous illuminated mirrors that will remove your need for lighting fixtures throughout the bathroom.

These lighted mirrors also save wall space which will give you the opportunity to hang some vibey art pieces in areas that used to be bogged down with dreary, outdated lights.

While you’re at it, a new frosted glass window will allow you to let in all the natural light you want without… ahem… exposing yourself to neighbors and passers-by.

Once you have the right lighting in your bathroom, you’ll see what a difference it makes. You won’t feel like you’re in a cramped up space anymore.

Good Bathroom Vibes Lead to Better Days

If you want to start your days out right, it’s time to create the perfect vibe in your bathroom. You’ll look forward to getting out of bed and facing the day ahead.


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