4 reasons to go golfing in Barcelona

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golfing in Barcelona

Spain is one of the most popular golfing destinations in Europe, with over 300 courses to choose from and a superb climate all year round. Barcelona itself is a beautiful city known for its youthful vibe, sandy beaches, and historical background.

However, that’s not the only reason people tend to visit Barcelona. While it is a great touristic city to enjoy a vacation, it is also popular for golfers. With good golf courses on high demand, Barcelona offers numerous golf courses within or around Barcelona.

Here are 4 reasons to go golfing in Barcelona:

1. Weather

One of the reasons Barcelona is a popular golfing destination is because of its good weather all year round. Even during the summer, Barcelona is not quite as hot as the South of Spain, making it possible for golfers to enjoy the golf course without getting a heat stroke. In order to prepare for the weather conditions, you can find out more at The Left Rough site to get the necessary tips to allow you to make the most out of your golfing trip. That way, even if you do decide to go during the hottest months of the summer to Barcelona, you can still golf without putting yourself at risk of getting sunburnt. Because golfing requires players to be out and about all day, it is so much better when the weather is pleasant, making Barcelona’s moderate weather an excellent destination for golfers.

2. Beautiful Scenery

Barcelona is considered a heaven for golfers looking to include golf within their holidays since it offers a wide variety of golf courses to choose from. Golf courses in Barcelona are incredibly beautiful; they are filled with greenery and you can even get a glimpse of the sea in sight. Thus, you can guarantee a truly relaxing, soothing, and enjoyable golfing experience. You can even hop from one golf course to another and discover the city’s unique golf courses that will definitely not disappoint.

3. Best Golf Courses in Europe

Barcelona golfing trip

Spain is home to the best golf courses in Europe, making it appealing for golfers to visit the greens and see for themselves.

One of the best golf courses in Barcelona is the Real Club de Golf El Prat that was designed by Greg Norman. It was the first golf club to be built in the city of Barcelona. It was designed in a way that suits different levels and styles, making it a suitable destination for any golfer. With 45 holes in the course, the holes are spread in seven different itineraries that will make you fall in love with it due to the breathtaking beauty it offers in each one.

Another popular golf course in Barcelona is Golf Sant Cugat, which offers a golfing experience mixed with a lot of history and tradition. In this golf course, Severiano Ballesteros debuted when he was just 17 years old, making it a fascinating place for golf enthusiasts who are familiar with and interested in golf history. You’ll find that each hole of the 19 holes on this course has its individual name that is related to British tradition, making it an exciting place to visit.

4. There’s So Much More to Offer

While most of the golfing courses also offer other services, making it a fun holiday for golfers, there are a variety of fun activities, other than golfing, to enjoy in Barcelona. Most golf courses are now part of a resort that offers other activities for guests to enjoy and bring along their families, such as swimming, paddle tennis, gyms, kids’ areas, and even events or catering services. However, venturing out of the resort will also give you the chance to explore Barcelona’s most famous historical sites, such as La Basilica de Sagrada Familia, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi and is an incredible unfinished church that is not only a great form of architecture but also has an interior that comes to life through the tinted glass windows inside it. You’ll also find that Barcelona is home to incredible food, an interesting night life, and some of the best beaches in the continent.

Whether you’re looking to learn golf or have been playing for years, golfing in Barcelona will be an excellent experience. From the great climate the city offers, to its natural beauty and touristic sights, it is an incredible destination for golfers to choose for their next vacation. The best thing is that the city offers so much more than just golfing to make your holiday truly exceptional.


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