Ultimate guide to buying the best washer dryers

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You’ve set your sights on purchasing the best washer dryer for at least one of these three reasons; your lack of space means you need to combine two functions into one machine. And/or you want to cut out the middle man of transporting your washing from one device to the next to allow a seamless cycle to commence without your constant intervention.

Or it might be because you’re attempting to save some money and so opposed to buying (and perhaps needing to repair) a separate washer and dryer, you will only need to pay for one combo machine. Now you’re wondering how to rummage your way through the stacks of washer dryers to find your domestic companion.

Choosing a washer dryer, as with choosing cover for your appliance, can be an issue for those who are not up to speed with what to look for and why. Finding the best multi-functional device for your household needs is dependant on a few factors. Be it the size, the speed of the drum, the perceived lifespan of the item, the warranty, the cost, and for some, even the colour holds significance. Naturally, however, some of these factors are more important than others in our quest for the best appliance. By using this guide, you can get to grips with two of these aspects to enable you to funnel down your search. The points to consider are the size and volume of the washer dryers on the market and also whether the appliance has a warranty. If you want more extensive cover for your appliances you can of course go to a provider to ensure you have the best cover.

Looking for a company that operates locally to provide cover for items in your home could be the best route to take. This is because they’ll have contacts with contractors in your area who they’ll be able to call out for you to have them diagnose issues that may require repairing or replacing. Those in Missouri, for example, may want to consider getting warranty with a company like First American that has over three decades of experience providing cover to homeowners in the state. Likewise, if you live in another state, you’ll want to look for a similarly prestigious company there.

Size And Clearance

Well firstly with your washer dryer you’re essentially saving space being taken up by a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, but this doesn’t mean you needn’t be cautious about where and if a washer dryer will still fit in your home. If it’s in a tall snug cupboard on a shelf you will want to check whether the washer dryer you are looking at is okay for stacking – you can usually find this in the specification of the appliance. The typical range of dimensions available for a washer dryer are as follows:

  • Height: 81cm to 86cm
  • Width: 58cm to 62cm
  • Depth: 45cm to 51cm

Measure the space you have allocated in your home for your new washer dryer to gauge whether there is room to slide the appliance in and out without too much fuss. It’s best to allow at least an inch around the sides, and at the top of all washer/dryers, one of the reasons being it will prevent the annoyance of vibrating sounds while your appliance is washing or tumble drying. The other reason being it will allow room for the air vents to breathe and the water vapor to disperse. For professional dryer vent cleaning services and maintenance tips to ensure optimal performance, check here at www.dryerventcleaningsandiego.com.

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One more point to think about when considering the size of the washer dryer is the typical size of your wash loads. For instance, compact washer dryers are likely to hold fewer kilograms of washing in comparison to a more significant appliance. This is a crucial part to consider as overloading a machine with a small weight capacity shall only lead to poorly washed clothes, and the dryer function incapable of drying your garments within a reasonable time.

Warranty And Insurance

Another essential part of the shopping process for a washer dryer is to query the manufacturers or shops warranty. You can do this by asking the following;

  • When and how is the warranty activated?
  • What does it cover?
  • How long is the warranty for?
  • How to keep the washer dryer in good condition to avoid the warranty being withdrawn?

Whether brand new or refurbished, when buying a washer dryer from a legitimate company, a warranty is usually a given to cover repairs and sometimes even replacement of the entire appliance if it’s faulty. Once you’ve established the ins and outs of the manufacturer’s warranty, you can then gauge when you need to purchase insurance in the form of an extended warranty to cover your washer dryer following the initial warranty expiry date. You can buy an extended warranty for a reasonable amount to include things such as quick call outs, repairs, and also replacement. It’s important to note that manufacturers warranties and extended warranties are not restricted to brand new appliances, you may wish to seek cover with a second-hand washer dryer also.

With a clear idea of what size appliance will fit into your home and whether or not it has the capacity to hold your average wash load with ease, you can eliminate a variety of washer dryers that don’t meet your needs. Secondly, a warranty is imperative when purchasing an appliance, because with the risk of a mechanical fault occurring, hiring a technician can be costly. By checking the manufacturer’s warranty or applying for appliance insurance from another provider, you can take care of the future of your washer dryer without the fear of forking out for repairs down the line.

best washer dryers


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