Recent trends in content publishing – and why they’re important to follow

Recent trends in content publishing – and why they’re important to follow – word Alexa Wang

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Content, content, content. We all absorb it. We all talk about it. It’s part of the fabric of society right now. Just look at how many people were talking about the recent beauty community scandal on YouTube, as James Charles lost millions of subscribers and then gained them back. It might seem like some niche topic, but for certain age groups – it was part of the national conversation.

For that reason, those who post content publishing need to understand how trends work, what the current ones are, and more than that, how to better their approach and become the possible frontrunner. No matter who you are, you can certainly glean some value from this. We would recommend you do so, because this can be a truly valuable enterprise. Who knows just how much value you could glean with this kind of pursuit, especially if you’re a small content publishing house? With this in mind, consider the following:

Influencer Culture

Influencer culture is here, and boy, is it in full swing. You might tolerate it. You might enjoy it. You might hate it. You might take part in it yourself. But no matter what your stance is on this, and how seemingly anyone can become an ambassador for a brand or use their following in a certain way, it can be important to use as a business.

Instagram celebrities can often advertise appropriate products in a way that is both condoning a business and also showing the positive effects, even if that effect is perhaps deceptive. You’d be remiss to neglect influencer culture. Perhaps you might not wish to engage with it, but it can be a massive benefit if you widen your perspective. It’s not all bikini models selling makeup palettes. It might be that you’re a small movie studio, or a small content publishing house. Perhaps having your work reviewed by a famous YouTuber could be a great step in the right direction.

Just look at how new streaming service D-Live, a service based around blockchain donations and hosting, has skyrocketed in popularity. They approached the biggest YouTuber in the world, PewDiePie, to stream on the platform, and now the site boasts tens of thousands of users. Influencer culture is important, and it can make a dent.

Multilateral And Delayed Publishing

It’s important to consider how promotion works, and how delayed and multilateral promotion can often cause a bigger impact. Let’s say you have an artist who wishes to publish a song. It might be that you think just posting a video to YouTube in the music category and hoping for the best will give it the most attention. Not so.

Consider mutli-lateral approaches. For example, post the link on YouTube, YouTube announcements, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, whatever platform can allow people to see it. From here, you have the ability to hashtag on many different services at once. Following from that, you should add an announcement with each platform ‘story’, a timed limited promotional image that will increase engagement due to its timed nature.

Okay, but before you do all that, do you really wish to give the full track now? Or, might you post a teaser first, then promote that? Let the hype train build, and let people feel excited for it. Then, perhaps you might use a professional lyric video maker to post the full track with a fun and exciting motion-graphics led video, allowing the artists’ fans to learn the words and hear the track. Then, you might post the music video after another week. Not only does all of this allow you to gain three times the promotional potential, but also increases outreach heavily. It can also enable you to keep said product in the cultural consciousness for longer.

This kind of promotion has become common practice and is now a trend among many platforms. Put simply, it works. Be sure to emulate or expand on this if you wish to release something worthwhile. It might seem like gauging the system, but just think about how many amazing songs you’ve seen on platforms like this with only thousands of views. Without a willingness to learn the metric, you’re in trouble.

content publishingEngagement

Engaging with your audience is a very vital and essential need for many content publishing houses to appropriate. It might be that asking questions during your promotions, trying to contribute to a discussion or being present for certain issues can help your engagement increase, because you are visible throughout the year. This is why brands continually tweet silly things. You need only look at how Wendy’s Twitter has managed a resurgence in sales to see how the power of this could be appreciated.

However, it’s also essential to see what engagement you will return. Engagement at any cost is not always a good thing. In fact, if conducted well, you might be able to choreograph your metrics and influence the demographics you reach. For example, let’s say that you’re a PC components manufacturer. You decide to stream video game content on these platforms to further promote your product and the smoothness of the gameplay involved. If you choose to post Fortnite content, high-school age children will look towards your offering. If you decide to play some form of strategy game, you will gain a more mature audience. This can navigate and influence the perspective of your firm in many people’s eyes, and to that extent you should be mindful of your influence. If  you can do that, you’d be surprised as to just how much your engagement can grow or be shifted over time, and the reaction that might come as a result.

Stay Consistent

It’s important, in our always online world, to stay consistent. Many companies have tried to emulate humor from other accounts, only then to come back to their serious approach from before when that didn’t work. Things can seem disparate. Stay consistent, and they won’t.

With this advice, you are certain to apply the best and most recent trends in content publishing, from top to bottom.

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