Handy apps that will help you stay on track for hitting your goals

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It’d be fair to say that, whatever New Year’s resolutions you had set yourself at the start of 2020, “stay indoors almost all of the time and watch Tiger King” probably wasn’t on the list.

However, now that the world has largely adapted to the “new normal”, you could go about setting new goals – and here are several apps that could help you to pursue them.

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It’s easy to try too hard when it comes to losing weight. It doesn’t necessarily matter too much if your local gym is closed, as you could help yourself to shift a lot of weight simply by trimming your calorie consumption – and you can track that through using the iOS and Android app MyFitnessPal. The app also has an Apple Watch version that factors in how many calories your steps have burned.


If you are keen to sculpt your physique rather than simply shed blubber, you could turn to the Sworkit app, which compiles a range of bodyweight workouts for users to follow.

In the app, those workouts are separated into strength, cardio, yoga and stretching categories – and you can opt to target specific parts of the body or engage in a full-body session.

Nike Run Club

Though this app is already baked into Nike-branded versions of the Apple Watch, you can download it on regular Apple Watch models, too.

Coach Mag reports that the app’s streamlined interface “excels on the small screen, showing all the info you need about your run”. This free app even lets you train under instructions from Mo Farah. 


You probably associate Peloton mainly with their well-known spin bike – and we can imagine many people hopping onto one of those when they aren’t relaxing in athleisure attire like one of the women’s tracksuits available to order online.

However, the Peloton name also adorns a home workout app offering an array of exercise classes for newbie and veteran fitness enthusiasts alike. 

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If one of your main reasons to get into fitness is the prospect of building an enviable six-pack, the Freeletics app would be well-suited to you, as the focus is very much on fostering core strength.

Women’s Health has declared Freeletics “a strong contender in the best fitness apps war”, but urges you to take the app’s free fitness test so that you can receive a workout plan tailored to you.


If you want to reduce – rather than eliminate – your alcohol intake, this iOS app could assist you in doing it. You can log your booze consumption as glasses, pints or shots with this software, which will convert those into units so that you can check you aren’t going over recommended guidelines.

My Water Balance

Tracking how much water you drink daily might not initially seem like something you need a dedicated app for. However, London’s Evening Standard highlights the My Water Balance app because it allows you to also track what else you drink, like alcohol and caffeine, and see how this affects your overall water intake.


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