The Coupon Queen’s secrets to saving money with coupons

The Coupon Queen secrets to saving money with coupons – words Alexa Wang

We’re hearing a lot about the possibilities of food prices soaring in the coming months as part of the aftermath of Brexit.

While it remains to be seen how some of the latest changes in the economy will affect the market, Emma Mumford, also known as the Coupon Queen, is already saving thousands on her annual food shopping. She’s revealing some of her secrets too!


No Saving Is Too Small

Emma is not the only person taking advantage of coupons to save on purchases. According to the Daily Mail, thousands of people across the UK are using the same tips and tricks to gain discounts of up to 80% on their purchases. Some will even go the extra mile and save quite a lot.

Sammy Hancock is another coupon hunter who’s known for her ability to save on groceries and other items. She has proven she lower her food bill from a whopping £77 to just £7.41 through the use of coupons. That’s more than £4,000 for her family.

Living in Alton, Hampshire, Sammy would go through online coupon directories like Paylesser to find the best coupons to use. She also takes the time to compare deals and find exclusive coupons from magazines and newsletters.

“I always find Tesco is the best place to use coupons as they always have offers on products – and then combined with coupons you can get a lot of items free, plus you can still get Clubcard points from each item,” Sammy was quoted as saying to the Daily Mail

Save on Everything

Take the time to look at coupon sites like Paylesser mentioned earlier and you will find that you can save on virtually everything. You are also not limited to online purchases. You can take a screenshot of the coupons or print them out and claim the discounts at local retailers.

Online coupons are also worth considering. E-commerce sites like Amazon now offer free delivery and all the items you could ever need, including everyday items and groceries. You can save quite a lot on your purchases just by entering the right coupon code.

Don’t forget to use cashback apps as well. These apps will offer you cash back on your purchases. You have to complete certain tasks to claim the cash back – such as take a picture of your receipt or make sure there is a particular item in it – but this is easy to do.


Tips from the Queen

While Sammy can save a lot on groceries, Emma is on another level entirely. The Coupon Queen is famous for her ability to track down the best offers and save even more on top of them. Here are some of her tips you can use right away:

  • Wait until the item is reduced and use the coupons you have found to save even more.
  • Make sure the coupons you pick up can be used with other promotions so you can stack offers and get the lowest price possible.
  • Always take bonuses and bundled products into considerations.
  • Only buy the products you need to use. There is no point in getting an item just because you have a coupon for it.

Put these tips to good use and you’ll start saving a lot on your future purchases. Like Emma and Sammy, you too can save thousands on your annual shopping.

The Coupon Queen secrets to saving money with coupons – words Alexa Wang



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