6 ways hiring an electrician can help homeowners

6 ways hiring an electrician can help homeowners – Alexa Wang

For most homeowners, the thought of hiring an electrician in Perth is a little unnerving. It generally comes with connotations of electrical troubles needing to be diagnosed, or repairs that need to be made.

While both of those situations can and do happen, there are actually quite a few ways that a licensed electrician can help Perth-area homeowners. Below, we’ll discuss six of the most important.


New Outlets

We live in an age marked by an increased reliance on technology. And, whether we’re talking about the latest smartphone or tablet, a high-definition 4K TV, a gaming computer, a kitchen appliance or something else, they’re all power hungry. In fact, we have far more devices that demand a connection to the power grid than ever before.

The issue here is that many homes built before the current glut of electronics have limited power outlets. This can lead homeowners to rely on power strips and extension cords, but that is never a good thing. Too many devices can overload a circuit, potentially causing serious damage. An electrician in Perth can install new power outlets and even new wiring to help ensure that you’re able to use your devices as you wish without worrying about overloading your wiring.

Mandatory Alarms and Detectors

Safety is a major issue for Australian homeowners, and the government mandates a number of alarms and detectors be installed. From RCDs to smoke detectors, these must be connected to the home’s wiring system, as well as having a battery backup. Homeowners should never, ever attempt to wire any device into their home’s circuitry. An experienced electrician can handle all of your alarm and detector installation needs, though, ensuring that you and your family are protected and in compliance with Australian law.

New Lights

One of the most common ways to improve the look and feel of a home is to change out old, outdated lights. Maybe it’s an eyesore of a dining room chandelier, or perhaps you’re replacing your old bathroom lighting. Maybe you want to do more than just change fixtures – you might want to install lights in areas of your home where they were not previously installed. Again, homeowners should avoid handling any wiring as it is very easy to shock yourself, leading to serious injury and even death. A licensed electrician can replace aging light fixtures, and even install new lights for you in other areas of the home.

New Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans offer a lot of benefits. They can cool your home without the cost of using the air conditioning. They also add to the look of each room. However, they can be dangerous to install. Even if the installation location has been properly supported and there is existing wiring to tap into, there is always the chance that you could injure yourself. Hire a licensed electrician to install ceiling fans for you.

Detecting Faults

Does the power flicker or even go out in your home? Chances are good that the problem lies within your walls, rather than with the power company. An experienced electrician in Perth can track down troublesome power issues, which usually trace back to faulty appliances. Even something as seemingly benign as a microwave oven could cause power fluctuations and outages in your home. Never attempt to trace faults on your own, though. It can lead to serious injury.

Government Compliance

Australia has strict requirements when it comes to electrical system compliance with code. If your home’s wiring is not up to par, it could mean the chance of a fire in the home. A trusted electrician can provide you with compliance checks to ensure that your wiring is up to code, identify safety hazards, and mitigate those issues before they become serious threats.

Where to Turn?

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to working with and finding a good electrician in Perth. However, where do you find a trusted professional? How do you ensure that you’re working with a reputable electrician? At Hilton Electrical, we employ only licensed, experienced electricians in Perth who are capable of providing virtually any service you might require, from compliance checks to fault detection, light installation or complete home wiring jobs.

6 ways hiring an electrician can help homeowners – Alexa Wang


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