The best way to free up space in your home

The best way to free up space in your home – words Alexa Wang

If you’re beginning to get fed up with your home being compact – maybe even to the point of considering moving – it pays not to make any rash choices.

Smart storage, clever use of space, a good declutter and a little bit of home DIY might just be good enough and give you a hassle-free way of making a home that’s fit for the needs of your family.

So, take a look at our ideas for the best ways to free up space in your home.


Use your wall space

Your walls are your home’s number one untapped resource. They’re great for hanging pictures but, can also be used for much more.

For example, use tall bookshelves that extend all the way up to the ceiling, or install individual shelves one above the other all the way up to the ceiling. This way you will avoid creating a dead space above a set of shelves that you can’t use.

Also, use sconces for lighting instead of having table lights to free up your table space.

Make your rooms multifunctional

Having separate rooms for everything can often be a problem if you have a small home. If, for example, a spare bedroom can double as your home office then you can really maximise the space.

Get more storage outside

Never overlook the importance of your outdoor space when it comes to freeing up some more room in your home. Sheds, summer houses, additional garages or bike storage facilities will all make for a far less cluttered home, especially if you’re not a green-fingered gardener.

Make your kitchen easy to cook in

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It needs to be functional, welcoming and enjoyable for you to cook meals in and entertain guests. Maximise your space with vertical storage units in your pantry/parlour, use drawer organisers for dry foods and make the most of food storage containers. An overhead pots and pans rack is another possible solution – and could free up cupboard and counter space.

Your public rooms need space

Have you ever noticed that your living room is always the messiest room, no matter how hard you try? This room gets the most traffic, with friends dropping in, family watching TV and much more. Maximise your space with multifunctional types of furniture such as ottomans that can hold video games, DVDs and magazines, as well as coffee tables that have drawers and open shelving below.

The best way to free up space in your home – words Alexa Wang






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