How to generate more leads for your newly built website

How to generate more leads for your newly built website – words Alexa Wang

For a business to thrive, it should have a strong online presence. Every potential customer, regardless of their needs and wants, can be reached using the World Wide Web.

This is also a very convenient, fast and easy avenue to do any transaction. Many business owners understand this status quo that’s why they choose to create a website for their business.

Some business owners even pay for professionals just so their website can have many features and carefully designed aesthetics. However, having a website isn’t enough to haul in leads. You can’t expect that just because you have a website online, customers from all around the world will immediately choose your business. As a business owner, there are several things which you should do in order for your newly built website to generate more leads.

The competition in the business arena is fierce. Regardless of how unique you think your website is, you’re not the only business owner who has one. In fact, there are many business owners who are using a website for their transactions for years, and even for decades. If you want your newly built website to gain more leads, follow the tips below:

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  1. Include your contact details: One of the reasons why online users look for a website online is because they want to assess the credibility of a business. Online users are now very careful with whom they make transactions with. If you want to gain the trust of online users by being a credible business, never forget to include your contact details on your website. Your phone number, e-mail address and physical location should be seen on your website. If possible, it should be in the footer on all of the pages on your website.
  1. Publish reviews and testimonials: Gone are the days when businesses settle for a one-time purchase from customers. Today, businesses exhaust their efforts to create a relationship with their customers which can eventually foster brand loyalty. The best way to achieve this goal? Ensure that your business is trustworthy especially in the eyes of first time online visitors. You can do this by highlighting customer reviews and testimonials on your website. When online users see these, they’ll know that your business has met customer expectations and have satisfied customer demands in the past. Reviews and testimonials can influence online users’ decisions so make sure that these will help you gain more leads, not drive customers away.
  1. Install live online chat option: Almost all businesses have an online chat option. This is a feature which allows online users to inquire about your business through chat and then receive real-team responses. Aside from the usual customer service hotline, an online chat option is a handy tool especially for online users who are unable or unwilling to talk. They could be commuters on public transportation, employees in the middle of a meeting or just about anyone who would prefer to type rather than talk.
  1. Add explainer videos: Every online user wants their transaction to be fast, effortless and convenient. This is basically the reason why they’re now using the internet more often. As a business owner, this is something which you should consider in your website. To meet these demands, add explainer videos in your website. If you’re selling a product which is complex to assemble or you want to show online users how they can avail of your services, explainer videos can be made for these purposes. These will allow online users to understand your business easier and better.

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  1. Make it mobile-friendly: Sure, your website might be made by professionals, but if it’s not accessible through a handheld device, you’ll never meet your expectations. Almost everyone in the world uses their mobile phones to accomplish all of their tasks during the day. So if you want to have more leads, ensure that your website can also be accessed through any handheld device. An online user should enjoy all of your website’s features regardless if they’ll access it through a desktop computer or mobile phone.
  1. Reach out to professionals: When you’re a business owner of a small or start-up business, gaining leads using your website might be too overwhelming. You might already have a lot of responsibilities on your plate and adding another might compromise other things in the business. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help your website gain more leads. Companies like Studio 56, can provide tailored-fit solutions so your website can easily gain more leads and customers. Hiring them will ensure positive results while giving you more time to effectively handle different facets of your business.

Be Flexible

If you’ve been doing business for years, you’d know how different the 21st century is. Before, a business gained leads with the use of billboards, TV ads and posters for their marketing efforts. However, doing the same today won’t guarantee full positive results for your business. Times are changing in the business arena, and so do customers’ demands. If you want your business to operate long-term, you should be flexible enough to adapt to these changes. You should be ready to hop into different bandwagons so you can haul in customers while taking care of the competition. You can start by utilizing your website to gain more leads and eventually turn these people into your loyal customers.

How to generate more leads for your newly built website – words Alexa Wang

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