How To Pull Off An E-girl Look

words Alexa Wang

If you have been on TikTok for a long time, you must have come across the e-girl phenomena that is prevalent among the Gen Z’s. It is an online trend that has been emulated by both teenagers and adults. It has become viral without any indication of ending. Well, if you are new to this, you must be wondering what is an e-girl?

E-girl refers to an electronic girl. The term was coined to refer to people whose personas were only found online. However, with time the meaning and significance of the term has changed and evolved. It has become the current crop of e-girls usually found on TikTok. They are a stronger community that offers much more than short videos.

E-girl Look

Also, their style has become widespread and is constantly emulated. The e-girl look can be recognized instantly from their makeup and their fashion choices. If you look closely, you will notice that the e-girl vibe is a combination of trends borrowed from previous generations. Well, that’s always the thing with art or fashion. It’s never something new. If you’re interested you can find e-girl fashion at Ninja Cosmico.

The e-girl look includes some British punk (tartans, think band tees and safety pins), 80’s goth styles and the recent 00’s angsty punk-emo phase. All these aspects also include some colorful K-pop influences and anime. That’s the best way to pull off e-girl fashion choices and beauty aesthetic. Actually, they look like a Bratz doll.

Note that, the e-girl vibe isn’t only restricted to dark or black shades. Actually, some of the prevalent options have vibrant and pastel colors. Of course, it all comes down to your personal choices and the persona you are comfortable with or you want to pull off both online and offline. It has become quite popular in the TikTok age.

Actually, a lot of online stores have come up that sell clothing and beauty items that cater specifically to the e-girl. Are you looking to become an e-girl, the famous trend that started on TikTok and is on other social media platforms such as Instagram? Well, here is what you need to do to pull it off effortlessly.

1. Makeup

You will find numerous tutorials online to help you pull off various versions of an e-girl. Some might be bolder than the rest. Makeup is the most important factor of the e-girl look. Whether emulating anime or emo characters, you can easily pull off an e-girl look. However, there are a few common key features to note across the board.

First, you need to create a winged eyeliner. Next, you should apply blush on your cheeks and nose. You should also add a few freckles to bring out a sun-kissed Kawaii look. Add some face stamps such as hearts or any other shapes underneath your eyes. Also, you can go to the next level and bring out a colorful duo dyed hair or a simple wig. However, if you don’t like vibrant hair, you can section it or put it into two mini pigtails.

2. Butterfly Hair Clips

Another trend adopted by Gen Z’s that brings out a lot of nostalgia is butterfly hair clips and barrettes. It’s a cute accessory that almost everyone had in their younger days. They are amazing accessories that will always elevate your outfit. It’s one of the easiest ways to pull off the e-girl aesthetic. Add the barrettes or hair clips on either side of your hair to frame your face and elongate your features. If you are looking to have more fun, you can play around and spread the rainbow clips around the length of your hair.

3. Beanies

There are many things that make up an e-girl but a beanie is definitely one of the top choices. Beanies are versatile hats that will always make you stylish and look great on everyone. There are numerous versions and colors available so there is always something for everyone. Even better, you can choose a simple logo design that works perfectly with the rest of your e-girl look.

4. Oversized Tees & Sweaters

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of influences on the e-girl look. Note that, there is also a lot of grunge. A huge advantage is that most of the clothing options for the e-girl look are quite comfortable if you already have these items in your closet. You can pull off a cute look with oversized tees or jumpers. Actually, they are a very appropriate clothing choice at the moment.

For the best look, you should look for band merch styles. When styling these items of clothing, you should add a long sleeve shirt underneath the tee or a turtleneck to bring out a layered look. You should chill out and relax by adding some high waisted jeans and sneakers too. Now you can start recording some amazing tiktok videos or chill at home peacefully.

new goth

5. Crop Tops

Yes, you must be exhausted of hearing about crop tops. Well, you should know that they actually accentuate your waist and show off some skin. It’s also a great way to bring out an hourglass figure. There are numerous crop top styles available so there is always something for you to choose from.

Choose anything from the numerous styles, prints, patterns available and pull off a great look. Of course, don’t forget to add the flame print to your collection. You can choose a slinky, mesh or spaghetti cami top for the best look. You can pair off your crop tops with oversized jackets and numerous chunky accessories. You can be as creative as you like. Have fun as you express yourself with your clothes.

6. Vibrant Cargo Trousers

You can pull off the current utility trend and add colored cargo pants to your overall look. Choose a style and size that’s on the looser end of things. You don’t need to worry about the fit because you can cinch your waist using a cool belt. Choose vibrant colors that will make you noticeable such as electric hues and neons. As mentioned, the e-girl often looks like a Bratz doll so you need to play with the proportions. You should pair these pants with a crop top or sleek fitted top for the right type of balance.

7. Plaid Skirts

Another important item of an e-girl is the plaid skirt. It often pulls off the old preppy school uniforms. When pairing the plaid print, you should maintain neutral colors for your outfit. That way, you can evoke a winter feel with a few pops of color to brighten everything up. If you want to up the ante, you can accessorize using a chain belt or some tights.

8. Platforms & Boots

Yes, sneakers are always a great choice for an e-girl but you must follow the fashion trend to the letter. Choose some chunky shoes such as platform sneakers or combat boots. You will look and feel tall instantly. You can choose anything in black or white for a great look. Choose a color that matches everything else in your closet. Note that, platforms and boots are currently in style and quite versatile. Therefore, you can easily create a look for every situation effortlessly.

9. Chunky Accessories

Your accessories need to be amazing if you want to pull off the best e-girl vibe. You can’t go wrong with the chunky and chain-like items. Actually, you should add more to your look. You can add as many accessories as possible to your bottoms, whether plaid skirts, cargos or oversized jeans. Your 90’s chockers, multi-layered chain necklaces and more chains dripping from your ears will also pull off a great look too. The metallic items will accentuate the look thereby creating a dimension to the overall ensemble.

Note that, you can embrace the e-girl trend in numerous ways. However, with these tips, you should be able to pull off the best look. Experiment with as many colors, styles and patterns as possible. Find the best way to express yourself and feel comfortable. Try it out today and become one of the many e-girls online.


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