Instagram messenger desktop: How to communicate from a computer?

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Instagram messenger desktop

Remember those times when you have to close the Instagram app, open an instant messenger to share your impression, or paste a URL to some post? Now, when developers introduced the in-app chat, life has changed for the better.

You can send text messages, voice records, disappearing videos empowered by AR masks and stickers. But for those who run a business or a blog on IG, the desktop version is a crucial option unloading the inbox. When you open Instagram in any browser, you won’t see your messages, so that the additional software is required. What program to download? 

Well, there are at least three approaches to use the Instagram messenger with comfort. Two of them require additional downloads, and the last one is available online regardless of the device. In this article, we uncover which method to use to boost IG fame, and which is free yet remaining the functionality app-like. Prepare and take notes! 

Instagram messenger on a Windows computer

We start with the most prominent and clear-cut approach; it implies just one step. There is good news for Windows users – Instagram offers the official and free app, enabling chatting from a PC. It also supports viewing the feed, stories, and in-app interactions. 

What are you to do? Proceed to the Microsoft official store and set the Instagram app up on your device. Welcome to the inbox folder on a big screen! Are there any limitations? 

Yes, and we won’t cover them. The issue is the Instagram app for Windows OS is only working for the versions starting from Windows 10. 

It’s an excellent sign to update your OS or pass to the 3rd method we describe in this guidance. Online services are available no matter what are the device specifications.

Instagram messenger tips

How to maintain IG chats on macOS and Linux? 

The solution is already here! Yes, it includes far more steps rather than for Windows computers, but they are easy. For any other than the Windows operating system, download an Android emulator. What is this? These applications make it possible to handle any mobile-based app on a computer keeping the functions. The tried and true emulator is BlueStacks; you can set it up for any OS. The other proven analog is Flume, which is only available on macOS. 

Download Emulators from the official sites only! 

How to run chats via an emulator? Do as follows:

  • Download any emulator we mentioned below;
  • Register in one step using your Gmail;
  • Set the IG app from the app store via an emulator;
  • Log in your acc and run private messages. 

Will emulators work smoothly on any device? The truth is that emulators don’t glitch on the modern hardware and up-to-date systems. In this case, we offer you to pass the system upgrade or use online services. 

How to chat on IG online and increase sales?

communicate from a computer

No doubt, you have heard about Instagram automation offering users promotion. Most of these services supply users with Direct module along with mass liking, following, Stories watching. The extended functionality is worthwhile if you aim to gain more followers, stimulate sales via Instagram, and target communication. These services charge a monthly fee, but the trial is free, so you can test several and chose the best fitting your goals. What are the selling points of automated IG chats? 

  • Big screen presence. Finally, you can copy and paste URLs, attach screenshots, operate Excel files close to the windows with your IG chats. Try messaging on a keyboard of a computer – the responses will take 2X less time! 
  • Outstanding in-builts. Automated chat rooms usually support filters, enabling followers segmentation according to their age, activity, and niche hashtags. Businesses use mass messaging to notify customers on discounts, giveaways, and takeovers via Instagram. Some sites allow you to set up automatic replies so that you can manage customer support. 
  • Toolkit for IG fame. As a rule, the Direct messenger is a part of a platform offering IG promotion. Don’t miss a chance to discover trending hashtags in your field and mass follow the like-minded accounts based on the competitors’ fan base.
  • Customer service. No one will help if the emulator doesn’t work correctly, while an online service is usually supported by an expert team helping users all day round. 

According to our observations and tests, the online services’ toolkit works perfectly for those aims to win over the audience. Likely, that a mother of three posting 2 pictures a month won’t need the advanced functionality while for these groups, it is essential:

  • famous personalities, influencers;
  • business pages on Instagram;
  • advertising agencies, PR-specialists, social media managers. 

The only rule about online services you should mind – use the proven platform. Unfortunately, the market is full of scamming and cheap bots that are blocked by Instagram. So, do research, read reviews, and register! 

The bottom line

If you chose convenience and speed over simplicity, relocate your IG messages on a computer. In this review, we suggested three proven methods to maintain chats on Instagram: 

  1. The official app for Windows computers;
  2. The emulators fitting any other than Windows OS;
  3. Online platforms, supporting chat rooms, and promotion. 

Win over more followers and interact with them more conveniently right now!


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