How to Keep Your House Feeling Clean For More Than a Day

words Alexa Wang

House Clean

Nothing beats that feeling of a fresh, clean home. It’s an inviting atmosphere to relax in and it’s fantastic to come home to… but if only it would last longer than a day!

It’s a frustration felt by many who feel like they are always slaving away for a clean home, but it doesn’t have to be undone so quickly and you deserve to linger in that clean feeling for longer. There is a difference between cleaning and finding the root cause of the mess, and today we are going to go back to the basics and find out how to keep the house clean for more than a day.

Upgrade your appliances

A common theme we see in homes struggling to keep it clean is that they are working harder and not smarter. By using a cordless vacuum cleaner and steam mop, you can be committing to a deeper clean in about half the time. If your appliances are in good shape but not working as they should, it might be evidence that you need to check the insides, replace the heads or invest in better quality cleaning solutions. You should also clean your new appliances after use so that they remain in peak condition and don’t fall prey to wear and tear.

Reduce the clutter

The more surfaces and furniture you fit in a room – the greater chance there will be that they accumulate clutter. Clutter not only feels unclean, but it collects dust and grime and is more likely to need a follow-up clean after only a day. Clean benches, surfaces and rooms cannot hide the mess so easily and will receive and retain a cleaner baseline for longer. If there are bits and bobs in your home that no longer serve you, store your items or move them on so you can work toward a cleaner environment. If you can’t part with your clutter try to group and label your possessions in a more orderly fashion.

Keep your bathroom dry

The shower looks incredible after a shower clean, but it only takes a shower or two before that familiar fog and grime frosts the glass. You might be surprised to learn that many homeowners keep their showers dry with a quick wipe down after use – ensuring that the clean glass sparkles for longer. You can also apply the same hack to your sinks so that they don’t get slimy and give the hardware a wipe too so they retain their shine. If you don’t have any ventilation in your bathroom try and change that immediately so you don’t see mould on your walls and the bathroom can dry more naturally.

Commit to a cleaning checklist

It’s deflating when your home is constantly needing a clean despite your best and regular efforts. This might be a sign that you need some direction and order in your cleaning schedule which you can achieve by designing a comprehensive cleaning checklist. From there, you can divide these duties into a schedule and order them so that you are not double handling or undermining the work you have already done. If you live with others in your home, it’s critical that they are aware of your cleaning goals and the tasks on the list so that they aren’t the reason your home constantly needs another clean.

By approaching your cleaning with intention and a few hacks up your sleeve, you will find that things stay sparkling for longer and you will get a break from your cleaning appliances and solutions. If you invest in great appliances and conduct a more comprehensive clean, you might find that you only need to do this once in a week.


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