Leaving London: The locations tempting 20-somethings away

Leaving London: The locations tempting 20-somethings away – words Alexa Wang

In 1777, the English writer Samuel Johnson famously said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” 240 years later, and young people are leaving London in their droves, finding that it’s not actually that great.

The decision to leave the capital is becoming increasingly more preferable to shuffling around the boroughs in the hope of finding somewhere affordable to live and make ends meet. People are finding more and more reasons to leave london. This is especially true when you consider that even relocating in London is “more expensive than anywhere else in the UK”.

Instead, leaving London and starting over in a different part of the UK is the choice of an ever-growing number of younger people. Where are they heading?

best place to live

    1. Margate

    The small seaside town on the edge of Kent is enticing a wave of former city dwellers to its shores. Named by The Times as one of the best places to live in Britain and significantly cheaper than London, Margate offers a close knit environment and laid back lifestyle that is worlds away from the sprawling, frenetic nature of the capital.

    Margate is also an attractive proposition due the amount of things to do and see in the town. A number of eclectic businesses have opened in recent years, providing quirky offerings usually associated with larger locations. This includes the Margate Arts Club, a small social space running various creative events, and The Grain Grocer, a natural food store selling a range of healthy, homemade food.

    The town’s cultural assets also makes it appealing to Londoners. As well as art galleries and museums, Margate is also home to a number of historical landmarks and sights, like the Shell Grotto. Add in the coastline and fresh seaside breeze, and it is easy to see why many Londoners have upped sticks and headed to Margate.

    Leaving London

    1. Bristol

    Another popular destination for beleaguered Londoners is Bristol. The South West city is a smaller scale alternative to London that still has plenty of enchantment. The city is famous for its wild nightlife, with an array of top notch bars, live music venues and nightclubs that rival the capital’s best. Not only does Bristol’s nightlife stand toe to toe with London in terms quality, but revellers won’t have to take out a mortgage for a night out either.

    Bristol is also home to a wide variety of high quality places to eat also attractive for prolific shoppers, with the mammoth Cabot Circus including all the high street shops you could need and Gloucester Road having more independent cafés and shops than any other in the UK. The city is also brimming with culture, with independent cinemas, museums and art galleries all present.

    Street art is a prominent feature, almost everywhere you turn you can see exquisite examples inspired by Bristol born Banksy and co. Not only can residents immerse in the city’s wonderful culture, but an escape from the hustle and bustle and visit the countryside is just minutes away, with Somerset’s beautiful rural greenery surrounding the city.

    best place to live

      1. Manchester

      Whilst also a big city like London, Manchester is proving to be another popular destination for Londoners seeking pastures new, due to lower living costs and equally (if not more) fulfilling lifestyle (if you don’t mind the rain). It is well documented how much cheaper the North is in comparison to the South, and in Manchester rent prices are a staggering 58.53% lower than in London, with consumer prices 14.76% less.

      The city itself has a lot to offer. Like Bristol, Manchester is famous for its buzzing nightlife scene, and is home to the famous Madchester music scene that emerged in the 80s. There is also numerous other attractions for residents, such as the 13th century Manchester Cathedral and the huge variety of galleries and museums that match up to London’s own offerings.

      Highlights include the Manchester Art Gallery, with a collection of around 25,000 objects, the Imperial War Museum, proving the city really can offer what London can, and the National Football Museum. The museum is in an apt location, with two of the country’s biggest sides, Manchester United and City, both playing in the city, something else that residents have on their door step. With so many things to do and see in Manchester and a significantly cheaper life all round, don’t be surprised to see even more Londoners making the move up North.

      Leaving London: The locations tempting 20-somethings away – words Alexa Wang


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