Manchester’s PAVÉ release ‘Thirst’ – a rowdy, bold, blast of rock

words Alexa Wang

There’s a nice little cocktail of influences going on in here. It’s a rowdy, cheeky, rock blast. Little flecks of Blondie and Garbage and a touch of Pixies even maybe. It has some bold provocative lyrics too and so the ‘whole’ sounds like confident power-rock of the first order. They are not scared to put themselves on the line and say what they think. They themselves cite Bad Omens, Yonaka, Bring Me The Horizon, and Royal Blood as helping to give the flavour to their sound. 

PAVÉ band

This Manchester Based band is led by Alanya-Jade on vocals, Kevin on guitar, Jack on bass, and Ben on drums. Despite their debut performance at Manchester’s Gorilla coming just days before the first national lockdown, their persistence to make their mark is paying off, as the band sold out their debut Manchester headline show at The Castle, were selected by THE HARA as support on the Manchester date of their 2022 UK tour. They’ve also been getting some words of praise from the music press of late. 

Thirst takes a deep dive into our often warped sense of entitlement. We want something so we set out to get it never mind who gets in the way. We sometimes try to present this as being confident and ambitious but more often than not it’s pure selfishness and greed. 

PAVÉ band

Writer and Guitarist, Kevin, provides profound insights into the overarching theme of Thirst, explaining, “We find ourselves blissfully unaware of the profound impact our actions have on our surroundings. Our pursuit of escape, whether physical or mental, often leads us right into another culture of imposed restrictions and societal norms.” 

Alanya explains, “With our name Inspired by the French Revolution, “Pavé” symbolizes rebellion, freedom, and fighting for beliefs, a message we strive to embody through our music, shows and community. Music provides the power of freedom of speech without limits.” Thirst explores these theories and their impact, reflecting on the downfall of such structures.

Thirst is out now. LISTEN HERE


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