5 must-have furnitures if you plan to work at home

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must-have furniture

Home offices are the perfect place to save time by eliminating daily commutes, the flexibility of working your schedule, and comfort of working at home. Finding the balance between comfort and productivity is essential, as an office that is too casual prevents tasks from being completed.

Building a separate space from interruptions and creating an atmosphere promoting productiveness will maximize your time spent at home. Keeping all your work-related documents and equipment in this space is essential for finding and retrieving things quickly, removing all non-office items. This promotes a balance between relaxing at home, working in your room.

These are 5 Must-Have Pieces of Furniture at Home to boost your productivity and comfort:

1.  Chairs

Chairs are the most crucial part of an efficient home office. As you’ll be spending hours sitting on it a day, comfort and ergonomics are critical for keeping you focused on your task and your body healthy.

Chair manufacturers have improved significantly, focusing on the adjustability and biomechanics of seating. This is seen through office chairs, making individuals’ lives better as they work on their computers the entire day, reducing the stress placed on their backs and spine.  According to ChairInstitute.com, 50% of people in the industrialized world suffer from some form of back pain, directly related to poor seat design. That is why it is important to keep yourself informed about everything there is to know about the different types of chairs in the market, to be able to determine if that is the chair you need.

home office furniture

Below are some of the factors you should consider when buying your chair:  

  1. Height – Your feet should be flat on the floor and thighs parallel to the floor when sitting. Having an adjustable chair that can change the height solves all these problems. If you need a taller chair, consider using a footrest to get the perfect angle.
  2. Back Support – The shape of the backrest should match your natural lumbar curve or lower back.
  3. Reclining and Tilt – Reclined seats reduce stress in your spine, perfect for people who suffer from back pain.
  4. Material – Breathable and Mesh Fabrics are perfect for your back, providing a comfortable amount of cushioning.
  5. Arm Rest – Having armrests that pivot height and inwards help support your forearm when performing tasks such as typing on your keyboard.

2.     Desks

Desks are essential in improving your productivity and efficiency. As this is where you spend most of your day, finding an ergonomic workstation that is large enough to fit everything you need within arms reach is crucial. The most crucial factor for an excellent desk is height. Too high of a desk will cause strain on your forearm as you type on the keyboard while a low desk will cause you to hunch, straining your back and shoulders. Changing your desk height frequently adjusts your posture, allowing blood flow and prevent repetitive motion-related injuries.

Adjustable height desks are becoming the alternative for workstations. Their ergonomic design allows you to set the height to your comfort level depending on the task, providing you the option to sit and stand, allowing you to change postures, reducing your overall fatigue. Having a traditional desk is still a great alternative to standard desks. Make sure the distance between your monitor is 20 inches or at arm’s length in front of you, reducing your eye strain.

3.     Lighting

Lighting has a significant impact on productivity and well being. Maximizing the amount of natural light you absorb is crucial for your mental health. It was found that 43% of people felt gloomy, and 47% felt tired from a lack of light. If you don’t have a big window that provides daylight, a combination of general and task lighting is needed. Look for daylight-replicating light lamps or LEDs that provide dimmer features so you can control the amount of life throughout the day. To avoid glare and eye strain, refrain from having overhead lighting above or in front of a computer screen.

4.     Storage

Filing Cabinets and Bookshelves are essential for storing contracts, paperwork, and invoices. As they are used for their functionality, finding creative ways to filter and sort out your documents is the best way to keep your working space organized. Wall Closets, Ottomans, Magazine type racks are perfect alternatives to store unused items in your room.

5.     Network Router

Hiding and minimizing items on your table is the best way to improve work efficiency. Allowing you to eliminate all distractions and focus only on your work. Speed and efficiency are crucial for any business. Investing in a wireless network hub provides flexibility to work on your laptop from your workstation or chair. Being in different settings and positions can enhance your problem solving and creative thinking, increasing your productivity. Fast internet is the best investment for all businesses. Slow load times kill productivity and flow, resulting in you being more distracted.

Furnishing your home office isn’t about filling up your space with furniture. It’s about creating a functional aesthetic workplace that allows you to work efficiently. Finding the balance between the colors of your walls, the plants you keep, the office table and the furniture you place around your workplace will keep the distractions to the minimum. Try our recommendations today, and see how well it works for your workplace.


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