NYSSA transforms into Werewolf with latest release

When I was a child I often had the same waking dream. Obviously influenced by Hammer and other Hollywood films -the idea of the midnight hour and the transformation. The hairs on the back on my neck didn’t simply stand on end. They grew. Then the snarling would start and the claws ripped through my fingertips. The metamorphosis was completed with a howl at the moon. I was a wolf free to run in the night. It was the exhilaration of breaking free from the human form and all the baggage. All worries and anxieties dissolved.

This latest track from Nyssa puts the idea of that transformation into music form. It’s a dark fantastical guitar driven beast that sonically feels like that dramatic moment.

“I wish I was a werewolf howling at the moon”

Historically linked to outsiders and, contemporarily, to teens on the brink, werewolves have existed in folklore for centuries, representing unprecedented change, our primal desires and the exposition of our hidden demons. In “Werewolf”, NYSSA bursts through from the other side, baring clever quips like teeth and honesty like a second skin. Arriving with the autumn equinox, “Werewolf” signals change.

“The future seems endless when you think about all the money you need to make that you haven’t made”

As if on their way to collect payment, the drums are purposeful and heavy, like footsteps crushing through trash on mean concrete streets, simultaneously echoed in the underbrush, deep in the forest. The midnight bassline cruises along sweaty, city streets, drawing out the warmth of a steady heartbeat. The guitars prowl along, full of a tightly wound energy seeking connection and release. Musically, “Werewolf” builds with a brooding, stirring rhythm that leads us towards reconciliation.

“Just the other day i was feeling like I could just wreck everything and it wouldn’t even feel bad.”

When the chorus erupts, it feels big and unhinged, like shouting at the top of your lungs alone in your car or in the middle of the dark. Its boundless expression celebrates every part of “Werewolf”, each element moving together in harmony as NYSSA’s voice electrifies like lightning, striking up a choir of howls, cries and calls. Everything feels new, raw, altered. We are changed.

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