5 Tips on How to Use Soundcloud as a Marketing Tool

words Al Woods

Soundcloud branding

Soundcloud has become a prevalent platform for musicians and music fanatics to grow a following and a sense of community. However, besides the music world, Soundcloud is also an excellent marketing tool. In fact, many users find Soundcloud to be one of the best platforms for growing a following quickly.

There are many ways to use Soundcloud as a marketing tool, such as more traditional routes like the snowball effect and word of mouth advertising. However, many others turn to the marketing capabilities of Soundcloud through Socialsup, an excellent platform for purchasing marketing tools such as SoundCloud likes and followers.

No matter what route someone ends up going with, it can seem confusing how they actually go about their marketing matters. Since Soundcloud isn’t traditionally labeled as something in the marketing world like Instagram and Facebook, it makes sense why people might not know what to do.

Nevertheless, down below will highlight five of the best tips on using Soundcloud as a marketing tool. No matter what someone’s specific endeavor is concerning Soundcloud, these tips are guaranteed to work for them if they have enough perseverance.

1. Create a Trend

People aren’t as individual as they like to imagine themselves to be, no matter how unique they might find themselves. Trends come and go, meaning it’s always ideal to be ahead of the curve and figure out the perfect balance between following a trend and setting a new example.

Obviously, it’s challenging for anyone to create a booming trend. Still, if someone can take the time necessary to analyze what makes a trend popular, it can help push their marketing trend forward. With something like Soundcloud, the trends can be anything from a specific genre or a discussion in the sound world, all of it needs to be researched.

2. Seek a Following

Often, people think as soon as they sign-up for a platform, they’ll immediately be met with a never-ending list of loyal fans who are dedicated to their company. However, the reality is quite the opposite of this as they have to actually seek a following.

No one is going to follow someone or a company if they don’t appear to be offering something. That offering is what correlates with the seeking of a following. On Soundcloud, seeking follows can be reaching out to others, sharing music, etc.

3. Demonstrate Creativity

Individuality is a vital part of humanity, especially when it’s creative efforts that are typically associated with platforms like Soundcloud. As a result, it’s essential for people to looking to utilize Soundcloud as a marketing tool to make sure they stand out differently from competitors.

Although friendly competition can be seen as a benefit, it can be extremely devastating to both parties acting if no one can distinguish. Thus, it’s always ideal for people looking to stand out and be aware of how they can step outside of a saturated market.

Soundcloud band

4. Utilize Content on Other Platforms

A significant aspect of social media platforms is the ability to share similar content across them all, allowing for a free flow of information that seemingly can be ingested by users on all of them. Although Soundcloud isn’t as straightforward as Facebook, the share button operates in the same capacity.

5. Look for Soundcloud Growth Areas

Marketing is all about adapting and changing to the environment around users. For Soundcloud, people should always be aware of what’s new on the platform and how they acclimate to it. For example, with Twitter introducing its variation of Instagram stories deemed fleets, many marketers figure out how to perfect their marketing on Twitter fleets now. The same rules apply to Soundcloud as Soundcloud continually changes and evolves.


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