8 places in San Diego to enjoy the beauty of nature

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places in San Diego

San Diego isn’t only known for its hot night clubs, stunning city views, and amazing restaurants. It’s also home to a variety of habitats, ecosystems, and plenty of wonder from the masterpiece that is Mother Nature herself.

If you’re headed to San Diego or haven’t experienced these natural wonders yet, these spots are for you! Here are eight places in San Diego to enjoy the beauty of nature.

1. Sunset Cliffs

How does a hidden sea cave within a stunning cliff formation sound? Movie-esque? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Sunset Cliffs, which is located at the southern end of Luscomb’s Point. These sandstone bluffs offer a wonderful view of the majesty of nature and time, and just within, you’ll find a hidden sea cave just waiting to be explored.

2. Fun in the Sun

Enjoying nature doesn’t have to mean climbing rocky cliffs or getting dirty on the trails. San Diego is also known for its incredible sunshine and heat, and to properly enjoy that without overheating, you’ll need to visit the poolhouse! This San Diego rooftop bar has everything you need to cool down, relax, and enjoy San Diego’s sunshine.

3. La Jolla Cove

Perhaps the most popular nature destination in San Diego is the stunning La Jolla cove. This natural wonder offers plenty to the eyes and even more to the memory as you experience nature’s beauty first hand. Take a cave and snorkel tour and see what lies beneath the waves, or look for leopard sharks on a shark tour.

Watch as seals bask in the afternoon sun, or take a walk along the sandy beaches for a more relaxing nature experience in San Diego. Whatever your preference is, don’t leave La Jolla off your list of must-see destinations in San Diego!

4. The San Diego Zoo

The beauty of nature’s wonder is perfectly captured in this sprawling one hundred acre park teeming with over 3,500 species of animal. The zoo has continuously been voted the #1 zoo in the world for its sheer size, collection of animals, and the experience that comes with traversing this one-of-a-kind nature park.

From giraffes to sloths to big cats and more, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for as you spend hours finding every hidden wonder in the massive zoological park. Get ready to spend some serious time at this zoo!

5. Cabrillo Tide Pools

If you want to get closer to nature, this guided seal tour in the Cabrillo Tide Pools is the perfect experience for you. This land and sea tour is guided via an amphibious vehicle that will show you all the wonders of the Cabrillo Tide Pools and beyond.

This 90-minute tour is rich with history and natural wonders as you set off through the San Diego bay. You’ll find seals basking on the rocks, military wonders anchored in the bay, and a view you simply have to see to believe.

6. Torrey Pines

This state reserve is a favorite among locals and tourists alike and offers some stunning views of the bay and the surrounding areas. Located between La Jolla and Del Mar, Torrey Pines has plenty of trails, beach-side views, and more! You won’t find any of the marks of humanity you’ll find elsewhere, as there are no fishermen, snack bars, or other buildings allowed within Torrey Pines reserve.

Take a walk along the beach or on the trails winding through the cliffs and find yourself engulfed in the natural beauty that the San Diego bay has to offer.

7. Potato Chip Rock

If you’re looking for a natural attraction that’s a little odd, Potato Chip Rock is probably your best bet. This oddly-shaped rock looks like a tasty potato chip at first glance, but is, in fact, a rock. It’s a favorite spot for amateur photographers and outdoorsmen and women alike.

Don’t think getting to this elusive potato chip-shaped landmark is anything less than a feat; it’s an 8-mile trail and the terrain is unforgiving. However, if you can brave the trails and make it to the top, the view alone will make it worth the journey.

8. Whale-Watching in the Bay

San Diego bay is home to several species of whale, including the elusive giant blue whale. These magnificent animals can be seen from a guided boat tour, and trust us; it’s worth the journey and the cost.

There are group and private options available from several San Diego companies in the area, so all you need to do is pick the right one for you! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful and majestic marine mammals. While you’re at it, you might even catch a glimpse of a killer whale or dolphin pod.


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