Beautiful Places To See Before You Die

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Every single person who values the world in which we live and have the chance to travel in should have a bucket list of things that they want to achieve in their lives. The world is a big place to be in, and there are so many beautiful things out there to see and do. 

Whether you want to live in other countries with the help of or you want to just bounce around the world visiting everywhere but not living anywhere else, you need to think about what you want from the world around you. With this in mind, we’ve got the best list of beautiful places you should see before you kick the bucket. Take note, though, that this list is not exhaustive and there are so many more beautiful places than this – this is just the start!

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Mount Fuji, Japan

Are you really going to say no to scaling an active volcano? Okay, maybe you will, but you shouldn’t! Some people go for the thrill of a climb and other people go for the chance to explore. The summit of Mount Fuji is blanketed with snow and the best time to visit is when the cherry blossom arrives. The delicate pink flowers make Mount Fuji in Japan one of the best places to visit if you want to see something beautiful.

Banff National Park

With more than 6,600 square kilometers of national park, Alberta’s Rocky Mountains hosts Banff National Park. It’s the oldest park in Canada and you can see the glacial lakes, pristine and clear blue waters, coniferous forests and more. You will also find that this is the park that remains home to the cougar, elk, grizzly bear and more. You can camp, stay in chalets, enjoy cabins and even have fun with the water activities on the lake.

Machu Picchu

The 1480 citadel was abandoned during the Spanish conquest of Peru and as one of the most famous ruins in South America, you need to see it. You can climb the huge ridge and even though it’s usually packed with tourists, it’s popular because of the height and what’s available to see. When you arrive, you can’t help but feel like you’ve just discovered a hidden city that no one else has discovered. While you’re here, don’t just go to Machu Picchu! You’re in Peru – make a point of seeing the Nazca Desert!


If you’re going to Zimbabwe, you need to add Victoria Falls to your bucket list. It’s right on the Zambezi River and you can see one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world that you can visit and it’s over 500 million litres of water every minute! The thunderous roar can be heard up to 40km away, and with the spray coming up to 400m above the falls, there’s a permanent cloud of smoke!


Oh, to head to Greece. One of the most photographed towns in the country is Oia, located on the north-western tip of Santorini. It’s perched on a cliff that offers amazing views, and you’ll see the Palea volcano, Nea Kameni and Thirassia Island. You’ll see all the little white-walled stone houses, and the monastery town is famed for its blue domes. You’ll see them everywhere! You definitely will need your favourite walking shoes when you visit, though, as it’s somewhere everyone should see once and it means a lot of walking. The town itself may be a small one, but it takes a 300 step hike to get there!

Beautiful Places

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Does London really need an introduction? This capital city is going from strength to strength, and it’s got everything from the museums to the London Eye to enjoy. Whether you go for the whole family or not, you need to make London one of the places that you see before you die. If you don’t go, you’ll regret it. Yes, it’s dirtier than the beaches and it’s darker and rainier than most places, but there is nothing that can take away the beauty of London!

The Gold Coast

Australia is a country packed with beautiful places to see and tons of things to do, but if you want to see somewhere truly awe-inspiring, it’s the Gold Coast. The beaches, the forests, the lakes and more are all here to be seen by all! The Gold Coast offers so many opportunities to those who visit, but the best thing about it is that it’s got the year-round sunshine that uplifts the mood and makes you feel good on the inside. 

Salar De Uyuni

An otherworldly landscape of Bolivia, Salar De Uyuni has been used for one of the Star Wars films! This is the largest salt flat in the world, and if you want to visit, you will find that this snow white salt crust is so flat it conjures mirages in the air that can truly offer you memories you will never forget. You will see that after a rain, this salt flat turns into the largest mirror on the planet!


There’s no one place in Hawaii as beautiful as the other, so we’re going to add Hawaii to the list. The beaches, the waves are perfect for surfers to enjoy and you’ll be able to enjoy pure luxury here, too. The fact that Hawaii is a giant volcano just shows that you can enjoy a break on a piece of land that could be a disaster – but it won’t be!

These beautiful places in the world are there for the taking but you have to make a big list of your own and make a plan to chase these areas down. Your whole life is ahead of you and seeing beautiful cities and beaches around the world are a great way to enrich your life and add beauty to it. Take the list above and then make your list longer with them. You won’t regret travelling around!


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