Be Brave Enough For Color – Contemporary Rainbow Decor

Color is a very important element in interior decor, in design and in our lives in general.  Color can influence our mood; it can influence our health, our state of mind.

In this simple article today we will go through five simple ways  through which one creative individual could nestle, in his rainbow decor, a multitude of colors, all arranged as light dictates, in the rainbow suite.


Color can be invited in directly or through simple subtle accents and the latter method allows the individuals to adjust to change, to moderate its impact. It allows color to communicate subdued as a complement or on the top as focal point, a wonderful way to balance your décor.

Without further due, let`s look at five ways to adorn color in your décor with ease.

Lighting Fixtures Can Be Simple Colorful Accents

Color should be in the company of light if you are to cherish it. A powerful red is nowhere near as bold in the shadow of a plant or furniture piece as it is in under the sunlight`s rays or a light bulb. Light animates everything and this is the first thing to consider in your design process.

Lighting fixtures could be the first color experiment in your home décor, try it out with an office lamp or a side table one. Choose little elements, elements that can evolve. In a side table lamp for example the lampshade can be changed with ease if the color is too bold or too dull.

Textiles Can Reset Your Interior Design

Blankets, pillows, table covers, drapes, multiple textiles can wear color in your home, temporary and permanently. Start your design endeavor by planning things through a little: you could change any of these, one by one into a different color if wanted to, all at once or gradually, you can test your décor to a great extent thanks to their non-permanent nature.

Use this to your advantage and seek balance in your interior décor at all scales, regardless of color scheme.  Tailor a design able to change your life, one able to empower it beautifully.

Favor Color – Change a Rug

The rug is a kind of textile, one like no other.  A rug cannot be replaced with ease, it cannot be gifted away, it has a more permanent presence. If you need a change, one able to make a difference, color at a floor level nestled in a rug could be viable options.

Rugs can really change the feel of a room, imagine a Scandinavian living room interior design, black and white complemented by wooden textures, simple, splendid; throw a colorful rainbow colored rug into the setting and the entire dynamic changes, it becomes a focal point, the composition gains strength, gains contrast.

Learn How to Realize Rainbow Roses

If you are in the search of incredible beauty expressed in rainbow colors, search no more, rainbow roses are your answer. Despite popular belief this insanely beautiful craft is easy to realize and inexpensive. Learn how to make rainbow roses by following the info-graphic below, found on Homesthetics Magazine the art piece illustrates the process through which any color of roses can be realized from purple roses, green roses to blue, black roses and rainbow ones alike, the process is the same, simple and beautiful.

Emphasize Your Décor With DIY Wall Art

Your passion can become wall art. Whether you collect car models, bottle caps or wine corks, whether you paint or sculpt every hobby can be showcased on your blank walls. DIY wall art is an important form of expression, one through which the inhabitant personalizes the spaces to great extent.

Infuse your décor with your creation, infuse it with memory and authenticity to wall art and you house will become a home instantly, everything will change.




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