4 Effective Ways to Remove Your Permanent Tattoo

words Alexa Wang

Right from the start, tattoos have become a popular trend in the fashion industry in the whole world, it became widely common to everyone no matter what or who you are. A lot of people are interested in tattoos simply because of their eye-catching and interesting designs.

Sometimes, even though they don’t have attachment or significant meaning behind the tattoo, they can be encouraged to get one because they are captivated by a particular design or things and they want it permanently tattooed on their skin.

Remove Tattoo

A poorly planned tattoo can have a seriously negative impact on how you view yourself. It can be a bad reminder of those times that you can’t seem to escape. No matter how much you try to get it out from your mind, only having them removed can give you a calm sense of closure, and freedom from bad memories. Let’s take a look at these four effective ways to remove your permanent tattoo. 

Plastic Surgery

One of the popular and old methods to remove your tattoo is by undergoing a plastic surgery. Before, this is the quickest way to remove your tattoo and it cost less than other treatments. This is done by removing the skin with the tattoo and getting another sheet of your skin grafted into the part where the tattooed skin was. The price of plastic surgery depends on the design and size of the tattoo. 

Removal Cream

This process is a great option to avoid the pain of laser treatment or invasive removal. If you have small or old tattoos that have faded or you don’t want anymore, you can opt for this option. There are several types of tattoo removal creams available in the market, these creams work by utilizing a chemical agent to slowly and safely remove each ink-stained layer of the skin. The effectiveness of these creams can vary differently, a hydroquinone based cream has proven the most effective in tattoo removal. It is the most recommended by doctors as it is more gentle on the skin. Using tattoo removal cream can cause some mild discomfort to the skin, but compared to other methods available, removal cream is probably the most painless option and one of the cheapest options.

Remove my Tattoo

Laser Treatment

Widely used and popular right now is the laser treatment, it is proven technique to remove permanent tattoos. However, laser treatments are quite expensive and it is painful. The only positive factor to consider this way is the output is satisfactory. Once the laser is set down on your tattoo, it slowly helps in breaking down the pigment. Although, the results and the duration of the tattoo removal truly depends upon the size and design of the tattoo. It is important to find experienced professionals to get a safe procedure․ Read more about How Tattoos Are Removed in Rochester, NY.

Salt Scrub

Doing a salt scrub can help in removing your permanent tattoo quickly. Salt scrub helps exfoliate the skin, which helps to remove tattoo pigmentation. However, this is a very slow process where results can be seen only after 1 year or so.  You can scrub as many times as you want, and you can do it every day too, as long as you make sure you don’t end up hurting your skin as exfoliation makes your skin thin.

Many believe that removing a tattoo is painful and expensive, but through the help of modern technology, it is just not the case anymore. With a lot of options widely available, it’s easy as ever to have that unwanted tattoo gone for good.


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