Where to rent luxury villas in Sicily for a beautiful holiday

words Al Woods

Do you want to organize a fantastic holiday in Italy? Sicily is the destination for you! This beautiful island is famous for its heavenly sea, its cities of art and its… culinary specialties! Renting luxury villas in Sicily for a beautiful holiday with your friends or family is the best way to get the most out of this experience that will be a mix of culture, relaxation, luxury, and fun.

But what are the secrets to organize a trip to Sicily? What are the things to know? Where can I rent a luxury villa near the sea? Let’s see together to make the most of your trip to Sicily, thanks to our advice!

Sicily for a beautiful holiday

Choose an Area of Sicily Where to Rent a Luxury Villa

Sicily is full of places to visit, so many that when you organize your trip, you will not know where to start. The best way to tour around is to choose a place to stay and then rent a car (at the airport) to visit places. Don’t forget to do all the insurance policies. Better to travel relaxed and worry-free!

The period in which you plan your trip, on the other hand, depends on your needs. Sicily is beautiful in summer and that’s the season best suited to a relaxing journey.

And we know that here you can enjoy a wonderful sea, but what is more relaxing and intimate than a luxury villa with a swimming pool? That’s the perfect Dolce Vita for those who do not like the confusion of the beaches or want to cool off on their return from a visit to the island’s beauties! The swimming pool is a plus for those who love to organize their holidays in the name of luxury and comfort and is also a common point in which to have fun, swim and play in the water.

rent luxury villas in Sicily

What to Visit in Sicily

Are you undecided about what to visit during your trip to Sicily?

Sicily is full of places to visit, and hence it will be able to please everyone. For example, if you want to make a trip with a more cultural touch, you can decide to rent your Villa near Palermo, Syracuse, as well as fantastic sites such as the Valley of the Temples and Taormina where you will also find dream beaches, worthy of the Dolce Vita!

Here you will also have the opportunity to try the typical cuisine of Sicily: it is very wide, ranging from salty to sweet and changing from province to province, with dishes that will never cease to amaze you. We can recommend you to try the typical rotisserie Palermo, as well as the typical Sicilian arancini. Surely the highlight in Sicily are the sweets, although suitable especially for those who prefer very sugary sweets.

A final note to suggest is to consider some potential souvenirs that you can bring back home with you for those that couldn’t come to the trip to Sicily. We recommend you to buy for example the marranzano, perhaps in a small format, an ancient musical instrument typical of traditional Sicilian music. An equally valid alternative is undoubtedly to opt for a dish or something made of terracotta, another great tradition of this fantastic land.

Now, we are sure that Sicily has no more secrets for you! So it is time to organize your trip and prepare your luggage! It will be a journey you will never forget!


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