Six things you must carry while visiting India

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When you are planning a trip to India, you must pack properly for the trip. There are a few things that you can bring with you that will make it easy for you to travel comfortably. You may be there to visit family, to see the sights, or to learn about the history of the country. There are many large cities you must visit, and there are gorgeous historical sites that you can visit during a long trip. As you begin packing, add all six items below to your bag so that you can have a good time.

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1. A Durable Pack

You do not necessarily want to bring a suitcase to India because it may be too hard to pull this bag around the country when you go from city to city. You can use a heavy pack to carry all your personal items, and you can keep that pack on your back while you walk or hike. It is easy to get on a bus or train with the pack, and you can leave extra room in your pack to ensure that you can add other items you have bought during your trip.

2. Traveler’s Cheques

You can convert your traveler’s cheques into cash at a bank. The traveler’s cheques can be cancelled if they are stolen, and they can be used in many places to make payments. Turn them into cash when you need that money for tips, shops, and taxis. Sending money to India helps when you are away, but you can bring the money with you in the form of these paper cheques. Make sure you know where the local banks are in case you lose your traveler’s cheques and someone will be sending money to India on your behalf.

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3. Comfortable Shoes

You should bring comfortable shoes on your trip, but you need more than one pair so that you do not experience extra pain and discomfort on your trip. When you rotate your shoes, you can wear a different pair on alternating days. Plus, you can use the shoes for particular purposes. Sandals are good for walking around markets in the city, but sneakers is needed for travel, hiking, and visit to remote locations. You should leave your shoes out at night so that they can dry, and you should change to a different pair of shoes the next day.

4. Head Covering

You need a hat and sunglasses that you can use to keep the sun out of your face. Plus, you need to get a hat that is big enough to cast some shade on the back of your neck. The weather can be quite extreme in India because it is so close to the Equator. Plus, you will still get consistent sunshine during the day even when you are in the mountainous areas where the temperatures tend to be lower.

Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun, and you will keep dust and dirt out of your eyes when you are hiking or traveling in remote areas without proper roads. You could also use a scarf to cover your neck, a head covering that acts as a tent to cover your face and neck, or even a face mask that might help keep dirt and dust out of your lungs.

5. A Phone with A Global Plan

You need to make sure that you have put a global calling plan on your phone so that you can call home and call locations in India. You can ask your cell phone provider how they provide plans like this, and they will explain how to add the global plan to your phone. You can talk and text using this plan and you will not be charged roaming fees because you are using a plan that is designed to save you money.

6. Sunscreen

You will get a lot of direct sunlight during the day that will cause you to burn, and you can apply sunscreen every day even if it is dark outside. The persistent sunlight that manages to peek through the clouds will cause you to burn. Plus, you need to use sunscreen on your face if you are wearing makeup. It is helpful for you to have a layer of sunscreen on that will prevent any sun damage if you need to dress professionally during certain parts of the trip.


There are a number of things that you can do in India that will make your vacation exciting. This is a wonderful place to visit to come in contact with the culture, to meet the people, and to see the sights. You can pack a backpack that will be easy to carry, and you can use traveler’s cheques to convert your money into cash. You should have a head covering, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Plus, you should alternate your shoes so that you can keep your feet healthy as you trek across this beautiful country.

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