The Top Resources for Beginner Filmmakers to Use

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The world of filmmaking may be overwhelming for a beginner. With such a vast variety of topics to cover, where does one start, and where should you search for practical guidance?

We have selected the best filmmaking resources that will provide you with valuable information on the journey of mastering the art of moviemaking.

Filmmaking Blogs Worth Checking Out

Blogs are the best way to witness other peoples’ experiences in filmmaking. It is also an excellent source for finding original tips and inspiring stories. Our personal blog favorites are:

  • Filmmaker IQ. It is a beginner-friendly blog with intuitive navigation. It offers a variety of courses, FIQ videos, live streams, articles, and more.
  • No Film School. This blog never fails to impress its followers with fresh news and reviews from the filmmaking industry. Check it for updates regarding new equipment releases!
  • Learn About Film. This platform is aimed at young filmmakers, offering guides on the fundamental areas of interest in the industry.
  • DSLR Video Shooter. It is a website that offers detailed guides, practical advice, and even has a section with used gear sales.
  • PetaPixel. It is a minimalistic platform that offers filmmaking enthusiasts breaking news, high-quality tutorials, tips, and plenty of inspiration!
  • Reliable Filmmaking News Sources

Knowing the latest news of the filmmaking industry is essential for understanding the current trends and happenings. Delve into the reports about castings, announced projects, filming dates and locations, studio openings, achievements, and failures. However, ensure you choose trustworthy sources. Here are some of the best websites for filmmakers to find out all that you need to know to stay updated:

  • The Hollywood Reporter
  • IndieWire
  • Screen Daily
  • Variety
  • Screen Rant
  • The Most Informative YouTube Channels for Beginner Filmmakers

YouTube is an incredible source of inspiration and tips where independent filmmakers and pop culture experts come together. Here are our suggestions for the accounts you should follow:

  • Lessons from the Screenplay
  • Now You See It
  • Jack’s Movie Reviews
  • Nerdwriter1
  • The Take
  • CineFix
  • Storytellers
  • Movie Review Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

An excellent movie review opens your eyes to the person’s perception of the film, highlights the details you might not have noticed, and widens your perspective as a viewer. Whether you are planning to read reviews or write them, make sure you choose the right platform to do so. Our absolute favorites on the web are:

  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • IMDb
  • Variety
  • The New York Times
  • Rolling Stone
  • The Must-Read Books of Every Filmmaker

While filmmaking websites offer a lot of value, some industry staples among books would be a pity to ignore. Our top five are:

  • Hitchcock: A Definitive Study of Alfred Hitchcock – Francois Truffaut
  • In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing – Walter Murch
  • Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema – Andrei Tarkovsky
  • The Filmmaker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age – S. Ascher & E. Pincus
  • Hollywood Producers Directory: A Specialized Resource for Producers and Filmmakers – J. Douma & D. Perez
  • The Places to Be for Filmmakers: The Most Legendary Independent Festivals
Beginner Filmmakers

Filmmaking festivals are the places to both see and feel the industry’s atmosphere. The following Indie events are definitely worth visiting:

  • Sundance Film Festival
  • IFF Boston (Independent Film Festival Boston)
  • SXSW (South by Southwest film festival)
  • TIIF (Toronto Film Festival)
  • Tribeca Film Festival

Video Editing Tools

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Video editing software is essential for those who do not want to stay on the spectator side of the screen. There are various digital video editors of varying complexity and technical capabilities, and the choice of the application will depend on the budget and the desired result.

Whether you want to create and upload short YouTube videos, corporate/marketing promo videos, produce professional TV shows or movies, etc. – you will find a suitable editor. Here are some of our top picks for you:

  • Fastreel by Movavi. This tool provides users with the ability to edit, trim, and add effects, audio, or graphics to their videos, bringing them one step closer to filmmaking. It is beginner-friendly and easy-to-use. There is a free version of this online video editor with watermarks and restricted high-quality render.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro. This software allows you to perform non-linear video editing. It is the perfect tool for any post-production or video editing process. Adobe Premiere Pro is used by many well-known experts in the film industry.
  • Final Cut Pro X. This video editing software from Apple developers has a wide range of effects for video, audio, titles, transitions, and more. The software integrates an excellent selection of video output formats and the ability to export the results to services such as Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo.

The filmmaking industry is ever-changing and keeps surprising us from year to year. Stay tuned for the updates and new equipment releases!


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