10 retro toys making a huge comeback (with the grown-ups)

It appears that we just can’t get enough of retro items and the vintage trend.

This fascination with everything old has encouraged plenty of retro toys to make a huge comeback – and usually comes with a huge fan base of adults.

My Little Pony

Originating in the 80s, My Little Pony has made a huge resurgence in the toy magic, supported by its TV show (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), which started up in 2010. Now the fashionable ponies can be seen everywhere in their traditional toy form, and on t-shirts and home accessories. Take a look at this great example here, for everyone to enjoy – including the Bronies (those grown men who enjoy the franchise).


Whether you loved your Furby or thought it was a thing of nightmares, there’s no escaping them now as a new gen dominates the toy market, talking that same strange language and watching your every move.

Sylvanian Families

The sweet little overpriced hedgehogs, bears and squirrels of the Sylvanian world are still being played with by children everywhere.

The Clangers

The strange, knitted, mouse-like creatures from 60s childrens’ television have returned to our TV screens, airing on CBeebies and pushing out toy merchandise to support their screen time.

Fisher Price classics

When they’re not helping Woody escape from the Sunnyside Day Care, the Fisher Price toys are gracing shops up and down the country now in a new retro line for children, who missed out on them first time round to enjoy. The classic telephone, two-tune TV, camera and Little Snoopy dog are available to buy again.

Classic LEGO

LEGO is having its time in the spotlight, mainly due to the success of the movie and its game series, but the little blocks themselves are selling well and haven’t changed all that much from their original designs. In 2014, sales increased by 15% and reached 28.6 billion DKK, confirming just how popular the blocks have become in recent years.

Thunderbirds Tracy Island

Thunderbirds are go… again. With the recent remake of the much-loved TV show another Tracey Island has been released for children to enjoy. At least it looks better than that toilet roll tube version you copied from Blue Peter.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

With Michael Bay revamping the franchise in recent years, featuring Megan Fox and some terrifying mutant turtles, expect to see remakes of the original figurines you probably played with as a child in shops – but with more muscle.

Care Bears

Another 80s revamp, the Care Bears are returning in plush forms in shops up and down the country. Choose your favourite character, from Grumpy to Funshine Bear there’s something for every little one.


Remember when your parents tried to teach you about responsibility by giving you a Tamagotchi? Remember when yours died after a week, surrounded by its own faeces and tears? Well, kids these days are also enjoying that experience as the tiny, electronic pet enjoys a resurge in popularity.


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