Kickstarting the roaring 20s: What will be the fashion of the 2020s?

words Alexa Wang

As we kick start the new decade, it is natural to wonder what the fashion of the 2020s will be. What are we expecting to be on trend? Before we dig into 2020s newbies, let’s look at the past 20s fashion trends.

If two words could describe fashion in the 1920s it’d be glamour and glitz. Often defined as fashion’s greatest decade, the 1920s are remembered as one of the most creative, unique and influential epochs in the fashion industry.

The end of World War I meant a drastic shift for the fashion landscape. Back then, fashion garments changed, simplifying women’s style to empower new cuts, shorter dresses, extravagant accessories and so on. In a typical 1920’s wardrobe you’d find hats, fur coats, silk dresses, ankle laced-up shoes, and custom-tailored suits.

20s fashion

Dress historian Jayne Shrimpton once wrote: “The development of a more convenient, modern female wardrobe was a major trend of the 1920s and was achieved through the progressive simplification of dress as the decade advanced – a rejection of formality and multiple layers, in favour of comfort and a lighter, more natural effect”.

Men’s fashion also valued simplicity in the 1920s, adopting new trends such as soft collars and leaving other trends, like formal three-piece suits, behind once and for all. 

Let’s look at some trend forecasts for 2020s fashion. Will they be as unforgettable as the roaring 20s?

Men’s wear

Animal print

Trends come and go, but in the 2020s animal prints are going to make a surprise comeback. Woven leopard-print trousers, silky animal print shirts, and horse print jackets are coming for all the attention on runways and on the hight street.

Print and patterns

Rich in boldness and individuality, men’s fashion will see a mix of Asian, tropical, and west-African influence on shirts, botanical trousers, two-piece suits, and soft lined jackets.

High pigment checks

With a mix of vibrant colours, checks are going to bring statement looks. Eye-catching shirts, suits, and trousers will have a touch of elegance while keeping a note of personality.


In 2020, pastels and tinted neutrals are coming strong. Sophisticated but edgy, an array of classic styles will bring ice-cream colours into your wardrobe. Trend reports believe that tie-dye and fatigued washes are also going to make pastels work for you.


Let’s not forget classics. Bombers, cagoules, coach jackets, harringtons, and parkas will all play important roles in 2020s trends.  


It looks like the 2020s fashion is going to bring experimental designs, applying artwork to clothing. Photorealism is going to bring paintings from the Renaissance to the Impressionist and city-skylines on T-shirts and jackets.

Women’s Wear

Crafted crochets

Crochet pieces came back on the fashion scene in 2019 and will continue in the new decade. From ultra-fine dresses, to cropped tops and skirts, crochets are going to be a top holiday wear in 2020.

Wide legged jeans

Yes, wide leg jeans are coming back. Offering unique slim silhouettes with the crucial high-rise waist, we’re likely to see these paired with ankle boots.

Minimalist denim

In the 2020s, denim isn’t going to just be jeans. Watch out for minimalistic denim jackets, dresses, tracksuits and more.

roaring 20s

African prints

Bold florals, bright ethnic colours, and tropical foliage will give skirts, full-length dresses, tops, and jackets a touch of culture influence in women’s apparel trends.

Diverse size range

If the 1920s were all about simple lines fabricated to best suit curve-less bodies, 2020s womenswear is about inclusivity for all sizes and heights.

Romantic women

White lace, tulle, balloon sleeves, woven tops from the Renaissance and sweetheart necklines are going to give a romantic touch to womenswear.  


2020s accessories are coming bold, big, and sustainable. Quirky hair clips, bug-eye glasses, XXL hats, and extra long scarves will be top trends. Most accessories will consider environmental concerns, and we’re likely to see more vegan leather and recycled plastics being used.

With some trends making a surprise comeback and newbies evolving, it looks like the new decade is going to bring unique products and interesting fashion trends to watch out for. 


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