Skincare Tips for Summer

words Alexa Wang

Summer is here and the sun is out, and while most of us are enjoying the warmer days, some of us may feel like something needs to change in our skincare to make sure we feel great.

If you’re looking for some tips on soe of the changes you need to implement in your routine in summer, read on for our key advice.

Skincare Tips

Get yourself a vitamin C serum

A good vitamin C serum is a year-round must-have, but in summer it’s particularly good to make sure you are regularly using a good-quality vitamin C product. Vitamin C helps prevent hyperpigmentation and reduce existing pigmentation – which can be caused by previous breakouts for example – or melasma, which tends to be aggravated with heat. 

While you can find creams with vitamin C, a serum is a great choice for summer as they tend to be lighter in texture. Prefer water-based serums rather than oils, which may not feel great on a hot day!

Make sure you double cleanse

Around that time of year, most of us have oilier, sweatier skin – particularly when the weather gets uncomfortably hot – which can lead to breakouts or clogged pores if you’re not tending to your skin properly. As we are still required to wear face coverings, this creates an ideal environment for breakouts and irritation. Moreover, sunscreens need to be properly removed at the end of the day (after all, they are designed to stay on as much as possible) otherwise they could also make your skin breakout.

Thus, cleansing properly is a must. While a morning cleanse can remain fairly simple, an evening cleanse should have two steps to ensure you are completely removing sunscreen, makeup (if wearing any), and any dirt accumulated during the day.

Start with a balm or oil – they will do the heavy lifting to cleanse whatever you have applied on your face during the day. Follow by a cleanser suited to your skin type (this could be a milk or gel) to remove any residue of the first cleanser and make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

If you haven’t found the best cleanser for your face yet, try to use natural soaps which can be used not only for cleaning your hands but also are a great remedy for your face skin. Natural soaps have a huge range of selections so finding the best fit for your skin will be a fun process. For instance, if you have irritated skin, using a drugstore soap will be one of the worst decisions of your life as those have harsh chemicals which will cause even deeper rashes. On the contrary, using organic products like pure goat milk soaps or aloe vera soaps will not only gently remove your skin pores but also will nourish skin and keep hydrated all day.

Skincare Tips

Apply SPF like there’s no tomorrow

We get that now that the sun is out and that you want to get yourself a nice summer tan – but unless you’re getting your tan from a bottle, there is no safe way to tan. While you may think that burning is a sign of sun damage, tanning is already a sign that your skin has been exposed to sun rays and suffered from it.

Sun exposure not only accelerates signs of ageing (fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation…) but could increase your chances of developing skin cancer. Sun protection is recommended all-year-round but in summer it’s absolutely crucial. You should be wearing a minimum of SPF 30 (50 if possible, especially if you have fair skin) and make sure you reapply during the day.

Sun creams have evolved a lot since that thick, milky SPF you remember applying on the beach as a child. Korean sunscreens, particularly, have innovated to create lightweight formulas that don’t feel greasy, perfect for summer. They are readily available too – you can find them on specialist retailer sites like Skinsider.

Go easy on makeup

We get it, many of us enjoy wearing makeup or feel like we need it in our lives. Heavy makeup and heat rarely mix well though, so it’s worth considering changing that aspect of your routine as well. Prefer products that are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t block your pores.

This could also mean applying less makeup or going for lighter formulas like a bb cream instead of a full-coverage foundation. If you feel like you need more coverage in some areas, you can use concealer to apply to specific areas – this will help to prevent that ‘my face is melting in the heat’ feeling at your next family barbecue!

Summer is a fantastic season to enjoy the great outdoors and your skincare should support that rather than hinder it. Remember to keep it simple and light and hopefully with our tips you’ll be ready to enjoy sunny days!


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