Winter to Spring Transition Outfits – Dos and Don’ts for Women

Winter to Spring Transition Outfits – Dos and Don’ts for Women – words Alexa Wang

Weather is starting to look up with sure hints of spring in the air. The days are slowly getting longer and the bitter chill is beginning to subside. This is an exciting time promising warm weather to come; however, this in-between time can be a little tricky to dress for.

It’s too warm for the thicker winter items, but still too cold for your spring wardrobe. So what’s a girl to do? This is when nailing a perfectly polished winter-spring transition wardrobe becomes essential. How does one actually pull off great spring transition outfits? Here are a few dos and don’ts to follow.


Do – add colour accents

Begin to add colour accents. A brighter scarf, a great handbag that really pops, or colourful shoes that really make a statement. After all of the monochrome and a lot of black and grey throughout the winter, these colourful accents make it clear that you are ready for spring.

Don’t – wear a sun dress just yet

You might be excited for the warmer weather, but a full-body bright piece like this mixed with your dark winter boots, sweaters, and jacket is just off-putting, not to mention cold. Time will come for sun dresses, but they are sun dresses for a reason, this is a seasonal piece, not a transitional piece.


Do – go for a lighter jacket

Trade in your winter parka for a lighter spring and fall jacket. From bomber jackets to frock coats and trench coats, the right jacket will keep you warm while also keeping you fashionable. There are a whole range of styles for you to choose from, like the ones found here, and of course layering with these lighter jackets is a fantastic technique that always looks good and is practical for warmth as well. Alternatively, try layering under a jean jacket or blazer.

Don’t – layer the wrong way

Minimise your layering to your upper body – layering knee-high stockings with knee length boots is not a flattering look that we would recommend. Either wear the boots with full tights or without, but don’t go halfway. Knee high socks, on the other hand, look great with a shorter shoe or ankle bootie that has a heel.


Do – embrace denim in all its glory

There’s never an out-of-season time where you can’t rock denim. From skinnies to ‘boyfriend’, these classics paired with a simple white shirt will never lead you astray. Accent with a black leather jacket and you’re set, or embrace the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ and go for double denim! Whatever you do, do it denim.

Don’t – mix winter and spring accessories

Or rather, not in the wrong way. Though mixing denim on denim is no longer a faux pas, mixing spring and winter items in the wrong way most certainly is. If you are sporting a cute peep-toe heel or strappy sandalette, you obviously aren’t worried about getting frost-bite. If it’s warm enough for your feet, then ditch the gloves and thick wool hats. On the other hand, if you still need the gloves, then perhaps it’s too cold for peep-toe.

Winter to Spring Transition Outfits – Dos and Don’ts for Women – words Alexa Wang


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