9 Streetwear Options That Help Men Stand Out From The Crowd

words Al Woods

When it comes to fashion, trends come and go all the time- but there are some trends that are timeless and simply never go out of style because not only are they stylish, but also expressions of culture.

Streetwear has been around for years, but people have just recently started to get the hang of it. It was mainly for rappers and skaters, and we barely saw anyone else wearing street-influenced styles. However, the fashion world is changing and is incorporating different outfit ideas in their new lines. The style originated to support freedom of speech and thoughts and was driven by popular culture.

Streetwear man

If you are wondering why they are gaining popularity, the reason is that people, especially millennials, are continuously soul-searching and wanting to discover their identity. What you wear says a lot about you and shows others a glimpse of what you love and believe in. If you want to be unique and wear things that resemble your philosophy in life, here are some ideas that can help you while shopping. 

Oversized is the New Skinny

A decade ago, baggy clothes were the essence of street style, but because styles are regularly changing, oversized ones are the optimal fit nowadays. Skinny jeans and slim T-shirts have flooded the market and can be worn in evening events. Oversized is the fine line between skinny and baggy. So make sure that the top is at shoulder length and is not three or four sizes bigger than your true size, especially at formal events. However, when you go big in a certain area, try to balance it out by wearing a more fitting top or bottom. Also, go for neutral colors rather than flashy, bright ones. If you want to try out jumpsuits, wear a slim fit basic underneath because jumpers are wide enough on their own.

Shoes and Sneakers

The movement started from the bottom. Footwear was the first of the style to be introduced to the market. Large sneakers that stand out are still the icon of streetwear. They can be colorful with graphic designs. In winter, you can get a pair of boots, whether combat, hiking, or ankle ones to complement your leather jacket and denim jeans. 

Hoodies Never Grow Old

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable things ever. You don’t need to wear an undershirt or try to make them fit with your pants because whatever its color or style, it will match the rest of the outfit. They are lying in your wardrobe, ready to be worn any time without needing ironing. However, if it is too hot for you to wear them, plain V-necks do the same trick.  

Mix and Match

The beauty of this kind of clothing is that it’s not limited to a certain category. You can mix different types of T-shirts with jackets from various brands. Or, invest in a shirt with a unique design similar to those seen at Deez Nutz, which will surely turn heads. If you are into the psychedelic appearance, wear a top with different patterns with a cap that represents your favorite band or baseball team. Sometimes it’s hard to find bands’ merchandise on sale. Accordingly, designers from Palm Angels have proven you can get personalized clothes easily and affordably. You can have a band’s logo or a graffiti print on any piece of clothing. One of its perks is that you will be the only one wearing that outfit because it is fully customized.

Chains and Studs

Chains haven’t gone out of fashion. Singers and hip-hop dancers have been adding heavy jewelry to their outfits since the 1960s. If you went further back, you would notice that the great Pharaohs used to wear gold chains around their necks. You can wear stainless steel necklaces around your neck or attach them to your pants or jackets. Furthermore, the addition of pendants will change the theme of the outfit. 

Check the Material

Some fabrics are related to this culture more than others. For example, denim has raided not only streetwear, but almost every other style. Cargo pants are common among men who like to keep it simple and trendy. Some brands are adopting the idea of recycling and reusing discarded materials to make clothes. They stay away from plastics to protect the environment and only degradable materials.

Ripped Clothes

You may have heard your grandmother calling ripped jeans trashy; however, they are very fashionable. We used to throw away our torn clothes, but with the demand for different styles of ripped pants, T-shirts, and jackets, we can make use of our old ones. We can keep our favorite clothes, even if they are worn and torn.

Long Tops and Coats

Defying norms is the ultimate way to stand out. If you looked beyond masculinity and femininity and the restrictions that have been enforced by society, you might achieve the freedom you have been looking for. One of the ideas is to wear a long T-shirt as a dress, but if this is too wild for you, wear tight leggings as well. 

Streetwear options

We all know and love Sherlock’s long overcoats. They fit any style and look good on almost everyone. You don’t have to wear a trench coat with a chemise; you can wear a hoodie or a regular T-shirt and still look well-groomed. 

Head Accessories

You shouldn’t forget to wear the infamous hip-hop caps which are worn backward. They fit great with bomber jackets, which are more sophisticated than sweatshirts. Blocking the sun with the shades will protect your eyes and make you the coolest guy in town. To take it up a notch, a bandana with black and white patterns is a great touch. 

The whole point of streetwear is to give people a sense of belonging. That feeling won’t be coming from the similarities but from differences, and the fact that everyone is free to wear whatever they want without criticism. Outfits will turn out to match no matter what you choose to wear. If you were skeptical and doubting changing your style, the above ideas are enough to get you started on making alterations to your wardrobe. 


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