5 quick style hacks for every modern gentleman

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modern style hacks

First impressions are crucial, and you want to make an impact, whether it’s for a first date, a job interview, or a promotion. So what must a modern gentleman do in this day and age when schedules are hectic and there’s barely any time left for other things? Style hacks come in handy because they help you dress better but without any added steps to make life even more complicated.

The secret to quick style hacks is to continually look for ways to improve any regimen you have, including dressing and grooming. If something saves you time and makes your movements more efficient, employ it. If not, look for alternatives. Take a look at below for recommended style hacks to consider.

Before Anything Else

In your love for fashion and keeping your wardrobe updated, you may be thinking of buying more clothes. While that is not a bad thing, your closet may be too full, and you should take the opportunity to do seasonal cleaning before getting new stuff.

You’re bound to find outdated clothing and accessories you don’t want to use anymore, so you can either donate those or sell them online for a profit. There are a lot of charity shops that will gladly take your old apparel.

Quick-Fit Pants Using Your Neck

If you’re ever in a store and you find a pair of pants that you like, quickly assess if it fits by holding that pair’s waistband around your neck. If the waistband goes around perfectly, there’s a chance the pants will fit your waist. This hack works if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to test-fit several pairs.

Practice Tying Knots

If you wear suits often for business, it can get pretty dull to know only one way of tying your tie. You can get away with it knowing the classic tie knot, but consider being open to learning new ways so you’ll have options.

There are plenty of tutorials online, and knowing several types of knots can change up some looks of your suits. As for being more efficient in the morning, you can do your tie the night before. You’ll only need to put it on and tighten it up in the morning after you’ve buttoned up your shirt.

Skin Care Is Self-Care

Nowadays, more and more men are looking into self-care like skin care, and it’s becoming more stylish for men to participate in it. Clothing and fashion styles can only go a long way. Don’t you want to wake up and look radiant? The key is to make sure that your skin is clear, smooth, and hydrated.

Washing your face with a cleanser is simply not enough. It can get rid of dirt and excess oils, but some products can be too harsh on the skin. They can cause irritation, redness, and make the face prone to acne. Soothe your skin by using a gentle face cream to moisturize and revitalize it.

Keep Your Dress Shirt Tucked In

There’s nothing more annoying about wearing suits than an untucked dress shirt. It often happens too, and a lot of men have this problem every time they lift their arms for a moment. There are many solutions to prevent this from happening, including doing the military tuck or tucking your shirt into your underpants.

If that’s not your style, you can always invest in a shirt stay. It’s a tool that helps keep your shirt tucked in no matter what you’re doing. Stays are elastic and clipped at the bottom of your shirt and attached to the top of your socks so they’re not restrictive. In fact, they’re comfortable and secure that you can go about your business throughout the day without any worries.

Men Can Use Accessories Too

There’s much more freedom when it comes to accessorizing men’s outfits. Apart from the usual watch, men can use bracelets and rings. Using accessories is a cheap way to upgrade an outfit or elevate a look. Try not to use too much of them in an outfit, or you may end up looking tacky instead.

What other quick style hacks should men know? Share your thoughts, tips, and advice in the comments section below.

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