Add a Stylish Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen

Add a Stylish Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen – words Vicky Pearce

A breakfast nook is a great addition to any home. Nestled in a comfy part of the kitchen, it can make a cozy dining spot for your family to have breakfast or for you to enjoy a quiet, peaceful cup of coffee.

Breakfast nooks can also be a great space-saver and add value to your home. A stylish breakfast nook can even double as a dining room or replace it altogether, depending on how much space you have and how many people you want to seat.

stylish breakfast nook

The location of your breakfast nook is important. Ideally it should be near a window with natural light, but it’s not a necessity. It should be near the food preparation area, but out of the way of the usual traffic routes so you can enjoy your nook in peace and tranquility. It should also be accessible and the seating should be easy to get in and out of. There should be overhead lighting to complement the natural lighting for when the nook is used at night or for other uses such as afternoon tea or playing cards. A dimmer will allow you to create various settings.

There are many options for choosing your breakfast nook furniture. Make sure you carefully measure the available space before shopping for your furniture. There should be about 40 cm between the table and the bench and if you are using chairs allow for more free space. Dining booths are a popular choice for breakfast nooks for the same reason they are very popular in restaurants: their comfort and privacy. There are many varieties of booths and options range from simple wood benches to padded upholstered booths. The booths can be custom upholstered to match your décor. Some people have a combination of chairs and booths. This will depend on your style and how much space you have available.

If you have a small kitchen and are short on space, an L shaped booth with a couple of chairs and a round table may suit your needs best. A restaurant chair made for commercial use will last you much longer than a cheap chair from your local home furniture store. You can also custom order your chairs to have the upholstery match your booth. Another smart solution is a long table and a narrow bench. If you have more room, a U-shaped booth will provide more seating. Whether you choose booths, benches or chairs, the seats should be comfortable and if you are using padded seats 2.5cm to 5 cm of firm padding is enough.

A bench or booth can also serve as a storage area saving you much needed space. Some booths or benches have convenient pull out drawers. A lift-up seat is another option. This is a good choice for bench seats as the top can be hinged and the storage space can be easily accessed even if you have padded seating. You can have your booth custom made or choose from many ready-made options that are available. The table can either be attached to the wall with no legs or you can place your favorite stand-alone table. If you don’t have much room a round table top can save space.

Your breakfast nook should match the overall interior design of your kitchen. If your kitchen has an elegant style then a glass table top and modern leather or vinyl upholstered benches or chairs would fit in. If you have a rustic style kitchen a country motif, a wood booth and wood table top will give your kitchen a nice bucolic feel. Wood benches or booths can also blend in nicely with a modern style. If you have your booths or chairs custom made you can have the upholstery match your curtains or kitchen décor. Whatever furniture you choose, the possibilities are endless and you can create the perfect breakfast nook for your home.

Add a Stylish Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen – words Vicky Pearce from Restaurant

Vicky Pearce lives in Chicago and has been working for Restaurant  for several years as a contributor and restaurant furniture/seating expert.

stylish breakfast nook



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