4 Things You Should Always Carry As a Busy Mom

Every day we leave the house and encounter situations we wished we could have been better prepared for. Whether it’s rain, stain, or hungry children, these are all things you might avoid if you carefully packed your bag.

It’s impossible to predict what the day will have in store for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to cover the essentials. Regardless of if it’s a small purse or a backpack, these are just a few things you should try to keep close to you at all times. 

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1) Your Phone

While it seems unlikely that you would never have your phone, it’s common for busy moms to misplace this essential device. Have you ever used it in the house to make a quick call and realized you never put it in your bag once you left the house?

Yeah, us too. It happens to everybody, and that’s okay! Some people do just fine without them, but no mom will deny that they make life easier when you need to arrange a spontaneous playdate or find apps that earn you savings at the supermarket.

The best you can do is reduce the chance of leaving your phone behind. We recommend setting an alarm on your phone before you’re scheduled to leave somewhere so you remember to place it in your bag.

A portable charger is also a worthy investment if you don’t wish to be caught out when it comes to battery life.

2) A Bottle of Water and Snack

Let’s face it: kids will always be in the mood for a snack. But taking care of yourself should also be a top priority, no matter what you’re doing that day.

Placing a bottle of water in your bag before you leave the house ensures that you’ll stay hydrated, and a healthy snack means you won’t cave and head for a vending machine of junk foods. It will also help to save you a penny or two should you find yourself dehydrated or hungry when out and about. 

Try finding a snack that’s full of carbohydrates to give you the important energy you’ll want throughout the day.

3) An Umbrella

The weather forecast isn’t always the most reliable, and you’ll definitely find yourself getting caught out once or twice. It always pays to be prepared by investing in a compact umbrella that fits in your bag. 

While it might seem like every umbrella is the same, it’s worth spending a little more to buy one that will last and won’t get buckled by any strong winds. An umbrella that stays upright will keep the rain off of you and your kids on more than one occasion, so this is truly a worthwhile investment. 

4) Sanitary Products

Sometimes the unfortunate happens, and our kids get into messes. A slip on the playground can be resolved much faster when you have some band-aids on standby.

However, don’t forget to stock up on yourself. Headache medications, feminine hygiene products, and even lotion are all are things worth having on hand, even if they just sit in the bottom of your bag. 

They might not even be for you! Should anybody else have the unfortunate happen, it always feels good to help others. 

Bottom Line

The contents of your bag are whatever you like them to be. However, we guarantee these essentials are worth prioritizing. Put forth the effort to ensure these four things are with you at all times, and you’ll be more prepared for any surprises that come along your way.


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