5 top tips for comfortable travel

words Alexa Wang

Some people say that it’s about the journey, not the destination. As a general concept, that might be true. However, we all know that the truth is – when it comes to traveling – the destination is far better than the journey. Some roadtrips can be fun, but traveling by plane or train can be exhausting and tedious. Sitting down in a noisy carriage or plane for hours on end is hardly the best way to start a vacation!

We all get excited to go somewhere new, but most dread the journey there on some level. However, travel doesn’t have to be a terrible experience.

comfortable travel

With the right clothing, entertainment, and mindset, the journey can be a complement to the destination. Here are a few tips on making travel a little easier. 

1 – Compression Socks

Most people might associate compression socks with diabetics, as they help with blood flow. While this is true, they work for anyone. One of the problems with long flights or traveling long distances on public transport especially is the inability to get up and move around. If you sit still for too long, you begin feeling uncomfortable and need to get the blood moving. It’s still important to get up when you can, but wearing compression socks from Comrad can alleviate a lot of this discomfort. They come in a lot of styles, too, so you can have a little fun!

2 – Load Up on Snacks

You may have to buy them at the airport or the train stations, but having your own snacks is worth it. Some airports or stations don’t allow you to bring outside food or drinks in, but they nearly always have a shop prior to boarding. Airplane food rarely tastes great, and the shops will have a lot more options. Grab yourself some of your favorite candy and a water bottle, or snag a sandwich for longer journeys. Free snacks are great, but having a guaranteed snack that you’ll enjoy is even better.

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3 – Wear a Neck Pillow

You may think people look silly with one of these, but they do wonders for comfort. It’s far easier to take a nap when you don’t have to support your head. It’s a wearable cushion to help you sleep or relax, whether you’re on a plane, a train, or in a car. Traveling long distances takes a long time, so you’ll want to nap if you can. Make it as comfortable as possible instead of relying on the window or uncomfortable headrests.

4 – Pack Your Headphones

Most flights nowadays have television, movies, and radios built in the back of their seats for free! Some require you to purchase movies, but you can still access music. If not, you can always bring a music device or use your smartphone. You can download your favorite albums, e-books or TV series onto your smart device before you go. Leaving yourself with no entertainment is a sure fire way to make yourself miserable. Take advantage of the options you have, but bring your own pair of headphones – the ones provided by airlines are rarely comfortable.

5 – Freshen Up

If you’re in for an especially long trip, bring supplies to freshen up. Face wipes, travel toothbrushes, hand sanitizer and lotions are easy ways to freshen up. It’ll keep you feeling alert, and fight the potential drying out of your skin, especially on planes. On trains or car rides, it’ll help you perk up and keep you from feeling dirty or unkempt.


Travel can be rough, no matter where you are. As exciting as traveling to somewhere new can be, the journey itself fills some with dread. But, with a little preparation, it needn’t be bad! Go into it knowing you’re on your way to somewhere thrilling, and keep these travel tips in mind. Get comfortable, get excited, and enjoy the trip!


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