Tips To Get The Perfect Sunglasses

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Choosing the right pair of sunglasses not only enhances your outlook but also provides you with a comfortable fit. Also, it prevents dust particles from entering your eyes. Therefore, you need to choose perfect sunglasses according to your skin tone, face structure, and hair color. So to find your perfect trendy sunglasses, you should follow these steps.

Perfect Sunglasses

Determine Your Face Structure

Every person has different face shapes. Some have an oval, round, square, or triangular-shaped face, while others have pear or heart-shaped faces. Therefore, you need to purchase a pair of sunglasses, which suit your face. For instance, if you have a pear face, aviators and round sunglasses will suit  best.

Sunglasses For Round Faces

Round faces are equal in length and width. To lengthen the face shape, you need to get a perfect pair of glasses.  You should choose frames, which are larger than your face and add balance to your chins.

Dark frames will be an ideal choice for you, as it gives softness and makes your face look oval-shaped. You can buy cat-eye, square, or aviator glasses for yourself. Avoid wearing round sunglasses on round faces, as it will highlight the roundness of your face rather than lengthening your face.

Sunglasses For Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, you should not buy an oversize pair of glasses. You must buy sunglasses according to their face width. The width of your frame will depend on the length and width of your face.

Choose the sunglasses, which bring a sharp look to your facial contours. Also, avoid choosing glasses, whose edges are too sharp and wide. For an oval face, soft and smooth frames are an ideal choice. You can buy square, Clubmaster, angular, or wayfarer sunglasses for yourself.

Sunglasses For Square Faces

For square-shaped faces, round glasses will be perfect. Round frames will add balance to your cheekbones and enhance the softness of your facial contours. This will help you look bold and lovely. Remember to get larger glasses with wider frames to match your face width.  Do not wear oversized sunglasses, as it will make you look dumb. Also, you can have round, cat-eye, or browline sunglasses to make yourself look attractive.

Perfect shades
Sunglasses For Heart Faces

Heart faces are easy to identify, as they are wider at the forehead and narrow through the jawline and chin. If you have a heart-shaped face, you can buy dark color frames that will make you look bold and daring. To get a flattering appearance, you can pick a bottom-heavy frame with a low-set temple. If you want to add a spicy, sweet, and cheerful look to your face, you can buy heart-shaped sunglasses.

Determine Your Skin Tone

While buying the best shade of sunglasses, skin tones are indeed an important parameter. If you have a light skin color, then you must buy dark shade sunglasses, as they will add balance to your warm skin tone.

If you have a normal tan skin tone with a warm golden or olive undertone, then you have the option to play with different shades of glasses. Vibrant or neon orange shades or cool medium shades will give an exciting look to your face.

However, for dark skin tones, brown, bright, or neutral shades will be an ideal choice. Blue or any other bright shades will also add a dashing pop color to your face.

Find The Perfect Lens Colour

The color of your sunglasses defines the overall look of your attire. Imagine you are wearing a beautiful blazer, but the color of your sunglasses is not going with it. This will make you look like a joker. Therefore, you need to pick the right color of lens for you.

If you are looking for an ordinary lens, which does not alter the surrounding very much, go for grey lenses. However, to filter out the blue ray of the sun, you should choose glasses with a red tint. For outdoors and sports, you should either opt for yellow or orange color lenses or go with green lenses. 


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