Top tips to get more volume in your hair

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Ever spent hours in the bathroom working on a way to boost your hair, only to have it lie flat again mere moments after you’ve left the house? It can be maddening to have hair that just doesn’t want to play ball no matter how hard you try!

However, don’t despair, as there are many simple ways to give your hair more volume and boost that can become part of your morning routine.

Anyone with thin hair knows that there are several pros and cons but it’s not a bad thing in general. Still, a bit more volume wouldn’t go astray and more variety to how it’s possible the style the hair would be great. Thankfully, if you read all the tips below, you’ll discover that you can employ easy tricks to give thin hair more volume and boost than you’ve ever had in your whole life! Just a few styling products and tools are needed, plus a bit of time and effort.

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Trying back-brushing

To give your hair a bit of volume right from the start, try combing it in a different parting than normal, as this helps to switch up the way your hair usually lies. Plus, back-brush the roots on the underside of your hair with a paddle brush for softer volume. You can pin up the top layer, then work in sections to back-brush the underside, holding the hair tight and brushing towards the head. Spray these sections with hairspray to make the look hold.

Use a blow-dryer with your head upside down

Turns out you’ve been using a blow-dryer wrong all these years! Using it with your hair flowing upside down means that your roots are lifting off your scalp and drying in the way that gives more volume and lift. You can use a brush to push down any flyaways later. Make sure you know all about more hairstyling gadgets out there.

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Use a root booster

When your hair is damp and just before blow-drying, apply a root-boosting product that will help provide more volume to your hairstyle throughout the day. Look for one that is specifically targeted towards fine hair and perhaps ask your hairdresser if they can recommend one for your hair type. You can also use a bit of mousse or hairspray in addition to the root booster as these will simply add more punch.

Try out some hot rollers

Curling irons or flat irons are well and good but they do require quite a bit of technique and practice in order to get volume in your hair. Conversely, hot rollers are pretty simple things, as you can simply place them in your hair while you are applying makeup or brushing your teeth, and around 15-20 minutes later you’ll have decent volume. There is a bit of know-how with regards to how you actually want your hair to be curled after taking out the hot rollers, but again, speak with your stylist about using these and applying products to make the look stick.

Don’t forget about dry shampoo

While you can certainly use a volume boosting shampoo so that your hair isn’t weighed down by heavy ingredients, remember that dry shampoo is also your ally! You get the bonus of having fresh, clean hair but the main task of dry shampoo for your hair type is that it immediately provides volume and lift right from the start. Use it for your lengths to give greater texture and bounce. One more pro tip: Sleep in a bun overnight if your hair is damp, as this gives you some wicked curls and waves in the morning that are hard to replicate through styling tools and products.


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