Top 5 Hair loss treatment methods

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If you find yourself losing your hair, then you might treat it by simply wearing a hat or embracing that you are going bald and finding out how to incorporate that into your style. However, some people instead choose to work to make sure they don’t lose their hair or to restore the hair they have lost.

If you are looking toward treating your hair loss, then here are some of the treatment methods that you can try.

Hair loss treatment methods

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Rogaine Minoxidil Gel Or Foam

This is a substance you can buy over the counter in order to counter hair loss and also to grow back lost hair. This liquid is applied to the scalp and it is proven to boost the activity of your hair follicles and the hair protein as well. It can also penetrate the scalp and get into the hair follicles, reactivating the shrunken follicles and allowing for the hair to fully regrow naturally as well. 

If you can apply it topically every single day and also catch your hair loss early, then you will notice that the hair you are losing will be stronger and you will naturally regrow what you have lost. The best part is that you can buy this over the counter and will see results in as little as 12 weeks.


While it does sound painful, microneedling is a non painful and non invasive cosmetic procedure that allows your body to encourage collagen production. Microneedling allows small and sterilized needles to prick the skin, and whenever this is done it creates new collagen in your scalp and that can promote new hair growth. Because the microneedling procedure is new when it comes to using it for hair growth, many dermatologists recommend using another hair regrowth procedure along with this as well.

Hair Transplants

If you’ve got hair on another part of your head, while also losing hair on another part of your head, then a surgeon can use a hair transplant to get your hair back and have some regrowth on those bald spots! 

The doctor will remove the hair from your head and then place the removed hair on the bald parts of your head. The hair that was removed will regrow, and the transplanted hair will also regrow as well. It’s about a 4 to 8 hour surgery depending on the size of the transplant, but it does have a high success rate and after a few days the transplanted hair will fall out. You will need to wait a few months and then the hair you lost will start to regrow. 

Laser Hair Caps

These caps work just like a traditional hat that you would wear normally, but they use low level laser treatment and red light to treat hair loss. It isn’t fully understood how the red light works, but many scientists have understood that the light stimulates the hair growth by encouraging cells to device quicker and the hair follicles to be stimulated. 

You can place a laser hair cap on your head three times a week for twenty minutes a session, and that can produce treatment for hair loss. It is also something that you need to combine with other hair regrowth formulas in order to get the best results.

Taking Finasteride

Finally, you might just want to take a pill and have the problem get fixed, and if that is the case then you might want to take Finasteride 1mg tablets. This is a prescription medication that can provide several health benefits to you, including slowing down existing hair loss as well as stimulating new hair growth. 

You will need to take this pill every single day (ideally at the same time every day) and it takes about four months to work. The only problem is that you will need to continue taking the pill to experience more hair growth and if you stop then you will start losing hair again.

One Additional “Treatment”

It isn’t a treatment, as it won’t give you your hair back or reverse the losses that have already been done. However, if you don’t want to take medication and don’t have the schedule for treatment, then you might need to wear a wig. A simple wig, especially one that matches your personal hair color as well as your own style, can easily boost your self confidence and it will work immediately.

You might be able to use a wig to bridge the time until your other treatments work, and until then you can continue to have a full head of hair!


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