Travel to Guernsey – A short trip and a world away

Travel to Guernsey – A short trip and a world away – words Al Woods

The second largest of the Channel Islands, Guernsey had in the past a rather sleepy reputation. But with pristine beaches, natural beauty and a stunning harbour town it is a great place to visit and is drawing new visitors from far and wide.

The compact capital of Guernsey is the charming harbour town of St Peter Port. It looks quite breath-taking with tumbling lanes and imposing buildings crowded around the harbour busy with fishing boats and streamlined yachts.


It’s a great place to explore and stay with its 800-year-old fortress that guards the harbour. It has to be one of the most attractive seaside towns In Europe with its twisting narrow lanes and otherworldly character. It has everything – beaches, history, charm and looks.

The coastline though for many is the island’s greatest draw. The are over twenty five different bays to explore and enjoy to suit all tastes. You can luxuriate on long popular starches but also search out hidden coves where most tourists never get to. The beaches are sometimes lined with dramatic looming cliffs which feature some rather dramatic walks.

There are a vast range of fascinating places to visit on the island too. These go from some rather wonderful Neolithic caves, Victorian forts, the aforementioned castle, vineyards and intriguing German fortifications. So, something to suit everyone then.

Guernsey really is something special. It feels sort of like the UK but also like the south of France. It has its own spirit and character with lots of unique shops and restaurants rather than the endless chain variety you often get in UK mainland high streets. You’ll find lots of local produce in the dishes here including their plump vine tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers. You can also enjoy some of the best seafood – often caught locally that day – if you’re lucky or know the right places.

Spring is a great time to go. The vegetation is still lush and the beaches are not yet that crowded. There are lots of flights from the UK to Guernsey but my favourite way to arrive is by boat. The best trips to the island of Guernsey  often start this way. You then get to see St Peter Port tumbling down to the seafront with the castle looming above.

Travel to Guernsey – A short trip and a world away – words Al Woods


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