3 reasons to visit Mykonos next autumn

3 reasons to visit Mykonos next autumn – words Al Woods

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It is widely known that Mykonos is so popular that it is always hustled with loads and loads of crowds of tourists wandering around trying to get the most out of their journey. Well, that’s the reality in the summer. When autumn arrives, schools start and most work leaves end.

So, the island returns to a calmer and more peaceful way of life as guests start squeezing in the boats and planes to return back home to Athens or abroad. Therefore, the beaches, the clubs and the restaurants settle down and take a breath from the noisy and blaring atmosphere that goes hand-in-hand with the summer months on this island. That’s when you should definitely pay a visit to the island of Mykonos because you will have a unique chance to enjoy everything through a feeling of real vacation pushing away all your negative thoughts or feelings springing from daily routine. To name but a few of the benefits, coasts are more or less empty and you can have the sun lounger you wanted right from the start without having to haggle or book in advance or even worse making a deposit. A cup of coffee and a bottle of water will suffice. If this was not enough, the weather is much cooler and you won’t have to hear your children or spouse muttering all the time that what they only want is stay inside and read a book or sleep in the air-conditioned bedroom or living room of your accommodation and of course you won’t have to constantly shout “Hat and sunglasses!”


If you had been looking forward to renting a villa in Mykonos, you might have put off your plans due to the fact that you couldn’t find a true bargain and such a venture would lead you off budget thus destroying holiday carefree sense. Or, even worse, you might have thought that in July or August all villas would have been fully booked, so you didn’t give it a single try. No matter what your thoughts were and no matter why you did actually walk away from the chance of visiting this terrific island at its peak, there are great news for you. In autumn, you will for sure land a villa of your taste so as to make this surprise you have for ages been dreaming of to your family or friends. Then, I think you should take a close look at clubzak Mykonos villas and book your villa now at a great rate. You won’t regret it as they’re built at fantastic locations and their staff is friendly and helpful so that you won’t have to worry about anything apart from your holiday planning and visits. Most of these spacious dwellings have got a pool of their own and offer lovely views to local beaches. Still having second thoughts?

visit Mykonos


During summer days it’s rather difficult to locate locals and their lifestyle as most of them avoid crowds or work in the field of tourism for extra income. Hence, only when September “knocks at the door” will you be able to meet, discuss and -believe me it worths- with the locals and their hospitality and kindness. The main reason behind that is that they start their primary professions. You will realize that in Mykonos there are lots of fishermen, painters, workers and farmers. Don’t hesitate to approach them and chat. In no time, you will see that they are not outlandish at all and they may even invite you home for a drink and delicacies. Don’t be snooty-accept their proposal and join. That way, you will see in close local constructions and architectures as well as customs and traditions. Don’t spare any more valuable time. I reckon that you should check on your availability and ask your boss for a week or two off now!

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